March 21, Bout 2

The headline bout between the closely-ranked Atlanta and Jacksonville all-stars lived up to everyone’s high expectations, delivering a real nail-biter, with multiple lead changes and the win up for grabs until the final whistle of the very last jam. As expected, the game turned into a battle pitting DSDG’s legendary defensive blocking against Jacksonville’s deep pool of jammer talent and smart offensive play. Atlanta’s defense delivered, anchored by great teamwork, and fortified by stand-out performances by Switchblade Siouxsie and Madditude Adjustment and a strong showing by rookie Axtual Malice. While New Jax speed-skater/jammer Erin Jackson lived up to her reputation, slipping through walls and covering half the track with three or four impossibly strong strides, Atlanta’s all-stars held her relatively in check and score remained low on both sides. Twenty minutes into the second half, the score was just 43-56 with Jacksonville holding on to a narrow lead. Stand-out jamming by Atlanta rookie Afro Dykee, who alternately juked and powered through Jacksonville defense, supported by the aggressive, blocker-style jamming of Wild Cherri, kept DSDG in the game. A power jam and a series of scoreless jams for Jacksonville allowed Atlanta to whittle away at the New Jax lead, ending the half trailing by just 3 points at 83-80.

Atlanta quickly turned the tables in the second half, putting up a quick 15 points in the first two jams to take a lead of 95-83. Atlanta held onto the lead for much of the second half, but momentum shifted about 10 minutes later with a power jam in New Jax’s favor. Jacksonville then held Atlanta scoreless for a series of jams, taking the lead and extending it to 144-126. Penalties piled up for both teams and there were multiple jams with both teams fielding light packs. For the remainder the half Jacksonville and Atlanta traded points and the lead. DSDG defense continued to deliver, forcing a number of jammer star passes, and New Jax’s stand-out blocker Meow Mix fouled out as the period clock wound down. With 9 seconds left on the game clock, it was a 3-point game. In the final jam, Jacksonville was called for a delay of game after failing to field any blockers, yet despite the short pack from the ensuing penalty Jacksonville’s jammer Krispy Kreme Her got lead and ran out the clock. Jacksonville took the win, 173-170.

MVP blockers were Baller Shot Caller for Atlanta and Atomic Mel-Down for Jacksonville. MVP jammers were Afro Dykee for Atlanta and Erin Jackson for Jacksonville.


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