March 21, Bout 1

In their first game of the 2105 season, the Atlanta Rumble Bs put up a decisive win over Jacksonville’s River City Rat Pack in a fast-paced, frenetic bout. Fortified by some outstanding transfers and rookies this season, the Bs came out strong on the first whistle, taking an early lead. Bs blockers and jammers delivered a one-two punch to Jacksonville, with the Bs’ new, highly mobile defensive formation shutting down the Rat Pack jammers on the starts, giving the strong Atlanta jammers the opportunity to gain lead time after time. With the exception of a few power jams, Atlanta scores per jam remained fairly moderate, as Rat Pack jammers would finally escape Atlanta blockers after the Bs jammers had a chance to make one or two passes. But the Bs’ high percentage of winning lead and their defense on power jams took a steady toll, and the half ended with the Bs in leading,123-35.

The Rat Pack came back from halftime with some fire, tightening their defensive walls and pouring on the offense. A series of lead jammer calls went Jacksonville’s way, and they began to chip away at the Atlanta lead. But in spite of the heavy offensive fire, Bs defense remained strong. Even as Rat Pack blockers disrupted Atlanta’s defense, the one-on-one blocking skills of individual Bs skaters and the team’s relentless defensive recycling to the front of the pack allowed Atlanta to hold on to the lead and wear down the Jacksonville jammers. By the middle of the second half, Rat Pack jammers were visibly tired, and opportunities to convert their few power jams to big scores were squashed by the Bs. Scoring differentials per jam began to widen in the Bs’ favor, allowing the Rumble Bs to run away with the game. At the final whistle, the Bs had outscored Jacksonville’s Rat Pack 3-1. The final score was 297-97.

MVP blockers were Souljourner for the Rumble Bs and Tera Bites for the Rat Pack. MVP jammers were The Boss for the Rumble Bs and Naughty Nesha for the Rat Pack.


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