Marauders Encounter Rough Seas

Written by Kevin Brown

Molly’s Marauders maiden voyage encountered rough seas early on but weathered the storm and put on an exciting show for the hometown fans.  In a high seas battle with the best Palm Coast Roller Derby has to offer, our Marauders came up on the short of a 147-217 score, but not from any lack of effort. The game was filled with monster scoring runs, hits that echoed in the rink and tough and testy competitors.

Early on, Palm Coast MVP jammer Princess Leia U Out was snatching lead jammer status with regularity to put consistent points on the board for her team. The big advantage for the rollers came from strong and talented blocker lines lead by MVP blocker Type Jo Negative outmuscling the pirate wenches.

While earning scars and gaining their sea legs, the Marauders had flashes of brilliance including a fifteen-point power jam minutes into the fray by fan favorite Circus Peanut for a brief lead. Team captain Deep Space Fine was a steady, strong hand on the till keeping the ship pointed forward and pulling top notch performances from her fellow brigands after being shell shocked in the first half with a fifty four point deficit.  MVP Jammer MaSin Voorhees showed continued improvement in adapting her speed skating skills to the derby track by putting up multiple double digit scoring runs and LochNessa had the jam of the night with a twenty eight pointer late in the bout to put the Marauders in threatening range while MVP blocker Kikin’ Puppies was a shining example of ferocity and determination earning the respect of Palm Coast in a valiant effort.

The after party held much to celebrate, while not victorious our beloved pirates showed spunk, determination and plenty of talent on which to build future success. April twelfth the Dub City Derby Girls roll into town for another in what has become an epic rivalry with our Molly Roger Rollergirls, so come cheer our pirate lasses on and fly your skull and crossbones high in Palm Bay!

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