Mansfield Roller Derby proudly announces new partnership

Roller Derby has come a long way in the past few years. It is no longer about fishnets and girl-fights but has now become a highly competitive and incredibly demanding sport. Each jam has the potential to last 2 minutes, which is 2 minutes of extreme physicality and fast-paced play. As such, your body becomes conditioned to match this through hard work and practicing as often as 
possible. The fitness level of each individual skater reflects that of the team as a whole, which is why most leagues ask each member to work hard on improving both their skating skills and their fitness levels. Mansfield Roller Derby encourages all skaters to take part in extra training outside of team practice, in any way possible, in order to be considered for the competitive playing team.

This is why Mansfield Roller Derby is proud to announce our partnership with Higgiefit Lifestyles Bootcamps, a personal training and bootcamp specialist business run by Mansfield Roller Derby skater Maria Higgins.

Maria “Thumpalina” Higgins joined MRD during the spring Fresh Meat run in March of this year and has already become a valuable member of the team in many different ways. From advice about what to eat before and after training to helping skaters improve their fitness levels, Maria has contributed so much to the league. Maria not only understands the physiology of athletes, she also understands that true fitness is not reflected in the size of your jeans or the number on the scales. Higgiefit Lifestyles promotes a healthy, non-dieting lifestyle and encourages everyone to eat well and be active in order to achieve personal fitness goals.

"Maria is not only a fantastic skater, she is a wonderful teammate and great personal trainer too; Maria is a real asset to the league. 
Higgiefit Lifestyles Bootcamps are both fun and challenging. 
I am very excited about MRD's future with Higgiefit Lifestyles" 
Tanisha Guy, Chairperson & Head Coach

Competitive Roller Derby is hard work, work the team is eager to meet head on. Higgiefit Lifestyles specialises in high-endurance, high-intensity fitness bootcamps and personal training sessions that run from beginner all the way to highly trained athletes. Each bootcamp is different, and so not only accommodates to all fitness levels but is also a fun and exciting way to improve both physical and mental wellbeing. As well as training the team, Maria also trains individuals who want to take part in group events such as Wild Warrior, Winter Warrior and Tough Mudder. Higgiefit Lifestyles also offers extra health and wellbeing guidance such as nutrition advice, body fat analysis and specialised work-out plans that cater to individual body-types and fitness levels. All this is a valuable resource for the team and will help to contribute to the future of the league.
Maria (center right) and her Mansfield Roller Derby league mates. Photo DizzyDreams Photography
The future of Mansfield Roller Derby is full of exciting things, things that the league has
worked exceptionally hard for and with Higgiefit Lifestyles the opportunities just keep flooding in. 
Watch this space, because MRD is training hard and is getting ready to take on the world!

If you are interested in getting involved with Higgiefit Lifestyles and making that big step to 
changing your own lifestyle and fitness levels please visit or call Maria at 07837224626

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