Manics beat Double Crossers, improve to 1-2

The Manic Attackers handed last year's Ivy King Cup champion Double Crossers their third loss of the season Saturday. The ladies in blue got their first win of 2015, beating last year's champs 326-121. The win solidified the Manics' spot at 3rd place in the standings with a record of 1-2. The Double Crossers, with a record of 0-3, are now in 4th.


The first jam of the night featured Jan Trainor on the line for the Manic Attackers squaring up against Ms. Dr. Joseph L. Simonis for the Double Crossers. Simonis quickly got out ahead and took lead jammer. After scoring a quick two points, she called the jam.

But the Manics quickly struck back in jam 2. Mia Go Hamm, jamming for the Manics, quickly took lead jammer over the Double Crossers' Yom KaPOW. Mia Go Hamm made a couple quick scoring passes as Mack Savage and Daft Spunk were knocking Yom KaPOW around. The jam ended with the Manics up 13-5.

In jam 4, the Manic Attackers started piling on as Double Crossers jammer Sugar Rush went to the penalty box. The Manics' Zoe Trocious took full advantage, scoring 21. She called the jam before Sugar Rush left the box. In jam 7, Simonis went to the box for cutting the track and Bork Bork Bork, jamming for the Manic Attackers kept adding to the Manics' lead. When the dust settled, the Manic Attackers were up 59-8 with 21:40 left in the half.

DSC_5359But the Double Crossers weren't about to lay down. Jam 15 again featured Bork Bork Bork jamming against Simonis. Though Bork took lead jammer, a back block sent her to the box. Simonis immediately started making up ground for the Double Crossers, powering through walls of the Manics' blockers. A huge hit by Simonis sent Cuban Miss Elle flying out of bounds and when the jam ended, the score was 107-42 Manic Attackers with 11:40 left in the half.

In jam 19, Claire Lee Dangerous took lead jammer for the Double Crossers and with 7:19 left in the half, the score was 111-61 Manic Attackers.   The rest of the half was all Manics, who took a 151-68 lead into the locker room.

The Manic Attackers kept that momentum going when the second half started. The Manics held the Double Crossers to only 9 points, while scoring 64 of their own in the first 8 minutes of the half. With 22 minutes left in the bout, the score was 215-77 Manic Attackers.

But when that run ended, the Double Crossers' defense started to kick into gear, holding the Manics to only 18 points in the next 7 minutes. But the Double Crossers could only score 14 of their own and with just under 15 minutes to play, the Manic Attackers were up 233-91.

Jan Trainor put the Manic Attackers over the 300 point mark in jam 17. IceBerg, jamming for the Double Crossers, went to the penalty box and Trainor seemed to be made of Teflon as she slid through every hole in the Double Crossers' pack. By the end of the jam, the score was 317-98 Manic Attackers with only 6:40 left to play.DSC_5666

The Double Crossers may have been down, but they weren't ready to be counted out. Simonis and Yom KaPOW made some quick scoring passes in jams 18, 19 and 20. Yom KaPOW took lead jammer in jam 22 and scored a few more as Samantha Judge put a huge hit on Cuban Miss Elle, jamming for the Manic Attackers, to recycle her to the back of the pack.

But it wasn't enough and the Manic Attackers took home a 326-121 victory.

Jan Trainor took player of the game honors.

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