Maine Takes Down DC, 125-104


PORTLAND, ME — Maine Roller Derby’s Port Authorities, ranked #9 in the east took on the DC Rollergirls’ All-Stars, ranked #11 in the east, in Portland Maine on August 29, 2009 in a WFTDA-sanctioned bout. Maine came out on top with a final score of 125 to 104.

The bout started with a four-point lead for Maine, scored by Olive Spankins over DC’s Free Radical. Jam three found DC’s Camilla the Hun scoring nine points to bring the score to 11-9. By the sixth jam DC took the lead by two points, but that was the only time DC had the upper hand, as Maine’s Killer Quick stole the lead back with a 14-pointer the following jam.

The seats of the penalty box stayed warm as the bottoms of both teams were filling them regularly. With three majors and seven minors, Maine’s Patty O’Mean barely avoided fouling out in the first period. DC’s Hoova Dayum rivaled with two majors and seven minors. The end of the first period saw the score at 64 to 42, with Shirley B. Slammin’, playing her first sanctioned bout, finishing jam 18 with an 11 pointer.

The second half started with Maine’s Breezey and Itsy Bitsy Fighter and DC’s Gun’her Down, Hooah! Girl and jammer Camilla the Hun sitting in the box, yet Maine scored four points and DC earned three. The following jams saw both teams chipping away at the score with an 86 to 78 spread for two jams. Killer Quick began to widen the gap during the ninth jam giving Maine a 10-point lead. Maine held DC at 81 points for five jams while scoring another 22 points.

While Maine won with a 21 point lead, DC finished strong with an eight-point jam by Camilla the Hun and held Maine to a scoreless last jam.

Grim D. Mise, another first-timer with the Port Authorities, scored 14 points total, and Shirley B. Slammin’ scored 27 to make her the second top-scoring jammer for Maine. Killer Quick earned a whopping 50 points and had two 14-point jams and one 10-point jam.

MVP awards were given to Maineâ���™s Daisy Cutter and DC’s Free Radical. Patty O’Mean, playing her last bout with the Port Authorities, was the top penalty earner, with 10 minors and six majors.

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