[Madison] Reservoir Dolls 142, Unholy Rollers 120


MADISON, WI — Madison’s Reservoir Dolls took the beginning of the Mad Rollin’ Dolls seventh season hostage with another win, besting last season’s champions the Unholy Rollers in a second-half comeback. The Res Dolls improved to 2-0 on the season while the Unholy Rollers dropped to 1-1.

The first period began with the two teams trading off lead jammer status. Going into the sixth jam with the score tied at 11, the Unholy Rollers grabbed the lead. With Res Doll Keyser Suze out for a back-blocking penalty, Wildberry Punch picked up three grand slams to bring the score to 26-14.

The next five jams were rough on the Res Dolls, who remained scoreless for three of them.  Wildberry Punch then took advantage of another Res Dolls jammer penalty, picking up four grand slams plus an extra four points to increase the Unholies’ lead to 38 points over the Res Dolls. With the score at 65-27, the Reservoir Dolls caught a break with back-to-back power jams from Keyser Suze and Charlie Hustle for a combined total gain of 22 points. At the half, the Unholy Rollers led 80-54.

The Reservoir Dolls rallied as the second half began with Mouse earning 9 points in her first jam of the night while her teammates kept Twisted Halo from getting through the pack. The Unholy Rollers held a 20-point lead until Vicious van GoGo picked up 18 points during a power jam. The tide turned for the Res Dolls in the 12th jam when Charlie Hustle outscored Mack the Knife 7-1, leaving the score 102-97 in favor of the Reservoir Dolls.

With less than 10 minutes on the period clock, the Reservoir Dolls led by a single point.  On a mission to keep the Unholies at 108 points, they held their opponent scoreless for three consecutive jams, while the Unholies returned the favor for two of the same three jams. Unholy Roller Goldie Mean went to the penalty box in the third-to-last jam, giving Mouse the advantage to score three grand slams plus four points before she went to the penalty box as well. With the Reservoir Dolls up 132-120 going into the final jam, STank Girl the Stench Wench took advantage of Mack the Knife’s trip to the penalty box and put up 10 points. The final score marked a Res Dolls come-from-behind win, 142-120.

Unholy Roller Wildberry Punch picked up her 500th career point during the bout and led her team’s scoring efforts with 56 points. The Reservoir Dolls’ Mouse led her team in scoring with 43 points, with Vicious van GoGo close behind at 35.

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