Mad mad rollin, Leadjammer update


Oi. It’s been forever since I posted on my blog here. I’m usually too busy digging up stories to post for all y’all.

First of all, Olivia Neutron Bomb wrote in to ask me to hype the Bouts this weekend…I guess they’re worried because they haven’t sold out yet! Every bout so far this season has been a sellout crowd, with hundreds turned away at the door, so hopefully they won’t really have a problem filling the place. But hey, if you’re in or around Madison, get your ass to the bout!

That said…I can’t make it. Which sucks great big donkey balls. I have to do some recording sessions this weekend which have been deemed more important than frivolous sports. Frivolous!?! I think not! But yeah. Ass. Anyway, you’ve already got my cash, ladies (season tix, yo) and you’re welcome to it even though I’ll miss the action.

What else? Oh yeah, Melicious from the Texas Rollergirls is writing a book about flat track derby and she asked if she could use as a source. Fuck yeah you can, doll! Maybe I’ll get a copy of the book outta the deal.

That’s about it for today. One more thing: if you or someone you know is part of a new league, get me some news! We’ve created a new section on called the League Forge so we can post news about leagues that aren’t officially bouting yet. Bring it on.


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