MRDWC: Wales Becalms Scotland, 245-123


Wales took an early lead in the opening jams of this first all-Celtic face-off but were quickly pegged back by a run of three jammer penalties across the next five jams. Some solid Wales defensive packwork limited the Scots’ scoring to 40 points and swung the run of play back in the Welsh direction after Ashton served his minute and came out of the box to steal lead jammer with the score at 40-11 to Scotland. Scotland’s Tequila subsequently hit the box with the star in that same jam and after exiting an unfortunate slip and slide into the back of two Welsh blockers’ legs as he approached the pack sent him straight back to the box. Wales were able to take full advantage and put up 45 points across the two powerjams to regain the lead and take the score to 40-56.

Another Scottish jammer penalty let The Mechanic put up 24 points and it only got worse for Scotland from there as Phillips, Mainwaring, Creighton-Griffiths and Clement worked seamlessly to hold Judderjam to just 4 while Jones put up four natural grand slams around them. Two consecutive lead jammer calls going into half time gave the Scots some hope and the half finished with Wales up 152-64.

The second half didn’t start especially brightly for the Scots as a recycle and sneaky jump back from Clements sent Whyte & MacDie to the box on a cut and Meredith added another 19 to the Welsh tally. The next three lead calls all went Wales’ way, but some penalty trouble hobbled their defensive prowess and with only two blockers on the track the next two jams went Scotland’s way with Whyte and Scrim Shady taking lead and 9 points between them. Wales finally got all four blockers back on the track as they lost their jammer, but more solid defence from Mainwaring and a forced cut limited the damage Nuke Jukem could do and sprung The Mechanic, who promptly scored 10 to take the score to 189-80 with 20 minutes remaining. The Welsh began to hit pack penalty trouble again, giving up several lead jammer calls, but each time their jammers were able to brute-force their way through the Scottish packs and limit the scoring to 4-0.

A series of brutal and attritional 4-0 jams followed, going both ways, resulting in a jammer penalty switch between The Mechanic and Whyte & MacDie, and in Mathieson taking a hit to the face and having to take himself off to deal with a nosebleed. An OTO followed to clean blood off the track and give Mathieson a chance to staunch the bleeding. MacDie and Jones played jammer penalty do-si-do in the next jam with neither team really taking advantage and with 8 minutes left the score stood at 215-108. The final jams played out mostly evenly with both teams taking lead jammer honours in turn and inching up the score. The last jam ran for the full two minutes, finishing 15-9 to Wales, and the game went into the books as a 245-123 win for Wales.

Wales progress to meet Australia in the Plate final at 15:00 GMT later today.

1 Alottablackenblue // 101 Mathieson // 1664 Konanbourg // 18 Tequila Jammer // 19 JudderJam @ // 2212 Whyte & MacDie // 2D Nuke Jukem // 67 iHorror // 8 Porky // 802 rEd Baron // 9 WKDeid // 976 The Real Scrim Shady // 999 The Philth // SR71 zero

1 Manwaring // 218 Longworth // 25 Truck Rogers // 254 Jones // 26 Swift // 2828 Ashton // 2×4 Creighton-Griffiths // 3 Hayes (captain) // 36 Phillips // 43 Clarke // 79 The Mechanic // 9 Malatynski // FE26 Meredith // HK86 Clements

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