MRDWC Semifinal: USA Fells Canada, 307-127


The second semi final began with an unexpected lead jammer call for Canada’s El Tannant, but the Canadian joy was swiftly snatched away as he was sent to the penalty box. Team USA quickly shook off any initial jitters to put up 20 points, and after an official review resulted in Tannant’s return to the box, Frank NotSoHotra picked up 15 more. Porter followed with the star and by the time Tannant made it out of the box the score was already heavily in the favour of the US team, 59-3. Another Canadian lead call was followed by another Canadian jammer penalty and Sugar Boots laid on the offence to help NotSoHotra increase the lead to 78-6. Tannant’s fortunes then turned a little with a powerjam in his favour and he picked up 18 points with a titanic effort much appreciated by the crowd. The USA continued to hit some penalty trouble, this time Scott Slamilton sitting with two compatriots in the box, but a nightmare series of jams for Canada’s BradAss left him serving three almost consecutive minutes in the box while Slamilton, NotSoHotra and Jonathan R ran riot. Stan DaSide and Tichbourne put up some sturdy defence but by the time BradAss made it safely back to the bench the score stood at 25-132 with ten minutes left in the half.

Red jamming for Canada was stifled by some solid pair blocking from Peter Pan and Stang leaving Slamilton free to score 10, but an OR called by Canada on a missed penalty got Slamilton sent to the box before the start of the next jam. Tannant was unable to take advantage of the powerjam mostly thanks to Magnum p.i.m.p. who repeatedly recycled him to the back of the pack and passed the star to Walker who suffered similarly. Porter took the USA star to the box shortly after and the combination of some fierce offence from Canada and two US blockers joining Porter was enough for Walker to finally score some much-needed points, bringing Canada’s total score up to 40. The half ended with some penalty issues for Canada and BradAss struggling with no available offence, and the teams went in with the score standing at 43-207.

Canada started the second half with a lead jammer call for Tannant, but Slamilton overtook him and forced a call with the jam score 0-0. A subsequent jammer penalty for Canada gave Jonathan R free rein and though some heroic solo blocking from Canada’s Walker limited his damage somewhat the score stood at 43-232 with 25 minutes to go. The Canadian defence seemed to be coming together and gave Jonathan R a particularly tough time, forcing him to call a jam after having scored only a single point. With the score at 43-247, Tannant was again sent to the box, and Porter called the jam after scoring five to cue up Frank NotSoHotra to take the jammer line alone. Stan DaSide and Johnson made him work hard for his first pass but subsequent ones cane slightly easier and he called the jam after 10 more points with Tannant standing. Jonathan R was again given a hard time by Tank, Tichbourne and Sanchez but put up another 10 and took the score to 43-272 with 18 minutes left and Canada yet to score in the half.

Porter was made to work hard for the next lead call despite only two Canadian blockers being on track and called it after scoring 9 points after Tichbourne sent him flying into the penalty box with a massive hit at the front of the pack. That hit prompted an OR but was ruled legal and resulted in no punishment. Slamilton jamming for the USA was sent off early in the next jam, busting a gut to get to the penalty box. It took Walker the best part of a minute to break out for lead jammer but break out he did and scored Canada’s first points of the half, bringing the score to 48-281. Jonathan R followed Slamilton to the box in the next jam and Tannant broke out for lead, dodging a sweeping hit from Wyatt on his way to picking up 14 points for Canada. Yet another jammer penalty followed for the US, Porter heading to the box and BradAss battling through past Peter Pan who himself visited the box for elbowing. BradAss added another 19 points and with 10 minutes to go the score stood at 84-284. Slamilton broke the streak and took lead in the next jam, lapping Canada’s short pack comfortably while Red battled the USA pack. The ease didn’t last as Tank smartly forced a cut penalty on Slamilton and Red ground out three more points before time ran out in the jam. Tannant took the line for Canada with Slamilton still seated but only Stan DaSide and Tichbourne in his pack, but put up 18 points before Slamilton was freed and 22 total in the jam, while Slamilton grabbed three to take the USA up to the 300 mark. Two lead jam calls in a row for BradAss and Red sent the Canadian fans wild but resulted in a net gain of only two points and left the score at 113-302 with four minutes remaining. Two more lead jam calls for Canada in the dying minutes and some fine defensive work from the Canadian pack kept the crowd loud til the end and the game finished with Team USA victorious, 127-307.

Team USA progress to meet Team England in the final while Team Canada will meet Team France in the 3rd place game.

100 Scott Slamilton // 11 Corey Porter (or Prime) // 12 BECKER // 19 STREAK // 20 WYATT // 21 ACKLUS // 23 QUADZILLA L.K. // 3 Peter Pan // 3158 STANG // 6 Jonathan R // 66 Sugar Boots // 82 Percy Controll // 9 frank not sohotra // L7 Magnum, p.i.m.p.

0 El Tannant // 12 Walker // 1313 Dr T. Sanchez // 14A Magic Johnson // 22 Ziggy // 222 Nelson // 4 Stan DaSide // 403 Riceball // 5 Red // 66 Tichbourne // 71 The Rev // 911 Homer Jency // f22 BrADASS // M4 Tank

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