MRDWC Semifinal: England Spatchcocks France, 227-112


The first semifinal was contested by England and France, two of the world’s oldest sporting rivals.

England had taken their only previous meeintg with France 355-84 against, but from the start of this first competitive meeting it was clear this one was going to be closer.

A neat 1-0 opening was followed by a very messy 4-4 jam featuring three cut penalties–two for England’s Sully and one on France’s Killian David–that also saw an expulsion for France’s X-Wing for an egregious low block. David did put up four without reply in the powerjam when Sully served most of his penalty–but no more thanks to stout defence from Spectral and Sutton for England.

Bravehurt’s backblock with the star with Reaper scoring let the English jammer open the taps and restore a lead England were never to relinquish, despite giving up two powerjams almost immediately; Jerry Atric starred on defense as they refused to let the French jammers find a way through and held scoreless in both cases. While their other jammers struggled, England’s Reaper sailed serenely on, extending the lead and keeping his head as all round were losing theirs.

Rex Tangle was the third England jammer boxed, this time following a French official review on a late hit before Reaper finally got some consistent scoring support after Killian David and The Cleaner had nibbled away at the English lead as the half drew to a close. England’s powerjam defence was again called into action in the final jams of the period; this time it was Giggity and Chemic-Al who kept clean and knocked the stuffing out of the The Cleaner and maintain the lead. Spectral and Sutton joined the fray as the half ended with a second powerjam for France, and it was Killian David who was on the recieving end of their brutality as they again held a powerjam to 0. That meant the half finished with England 84-47 and France still very much in touch.

24 points in the opening jams of the second half made it look like England would pull away before a jammer penalty was again England’s undoing. This pattern repeated twice as England pulled away only to be pegged back due to jammer indiscipline, with one cut by Sully given purely because he passed members of his own team after an OOB block.

England did finally start to pull seriously way in the final ten minutes and had put the game beyond reasonable doubt with five minutes to go, holding a 95-point lead with a handful of jams to go. Each successive lead call was met with louder cheers by the home crowd as the lead passed 100 in the final two minutes. Reaper got lead inside the final minute to seal the win–but he fell just after breaking the pack and required medical attention–but left the track under his own power. That left 47 seconds on the clock, and it fell to Giggity to close the bout out for England with Killian David looking to but into the 101-point England lead. David ended the bout in the box after a sliding tackle, and Giggity closed out a 227-112 win and book England’s place in the final against Team USA.

17 Sully // 21 Toots // 26 Chemic-Al // 3 Sutton Impact // 33 Rollin Stone R // 380 Flat Track Bully // 4 Rex Tangle // 4J Reanimated Gif // 60 Jerry Attric // 6283 Spectral // 666 Reaper // 82 Dog // G00 Giggity Giggity // MI6 Ballistic Whistle

129 Rocket’Busch // 13 Killian David // 1631 The Cleaner // 1789 Bravehurt // 2012 X-WING // 27 Monkey Bizness // 31 Angry Bear // 717 Charles Martèle // 95 High G Nik // F22 Slash Gordon // G4R4 Candel Héros // G7 El Gato // K2 Spider Biscote // X11 Scare NX

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