MRDWC QFs: USA Explodes Scotland, 557-40


Letting a single point go against Scotland at the Women’s World Cup was the closest that the American women had got to a regulation shut-out, and it was against Scotland that the men had their first crack at one. For fifty minutes it looked inevitable, until a jammer penalty apocalypse engulfed the Americans, with six penalty minutes served inside the last ten minutes letting Scotland in for 40 points.

That was clearly their goal from the get go as all the USA jammers showed they were much more interested in burning the clock in those jams when Scotland’s jammers did break free or got knocked out on the line–but still, score they did. They had passed he century in a little over ten minutes.

The second hundred came slightly more quickly as the USA started to focus on scoring more than on the clock; the third was hastened by a cut on Porky The Penetrator turning into a two-minute penalty courtesy of his insubordination, and the USA going to town on the resulting powerjam. Scotland did manage to keep their blocker penalties down and outnumbered the USA on the track for stretches of the closing minutes–but they couldn’t turn that advantage into points.

Scotland’s Duff was inches from a lead jam call when Sugar Boots sent him flying into the crowd, and looked to be on course to get points regardless when NotSoHotra was boxed… but Duff was boxed himself just as he looked to have completed his initial pass. That meant the half ended with the USA leading by a comfortable 315-0.

The USA passed 400 after six minutes of the second period and 500 in the final quarter–but a two-minute penalty for Jonathan R for a cut and insubordination after not leaving the track quickly enough. An official review followed as the USA challenged the cut call–but it stood, and Scotland had their chance. It took 42 seconds for Mathieson to get lead–and with five seconds left in the jam he completed his first scoring pass to give Scotland all five points and make it 515-5 with ten minutes left. Jonathan R then got a cut on his return, and handed Judderjam a powerjam. He piled on another five before calling it with Jonathan R standing.

Jonathan R then spent almost two minutes scoring on his return from the box as Streak and Stang punished the Real Scrim Shady with a series of brutal hits that repeatedly levelled the Scottish jammer and it seemed order was to be restored for the closing stages. However, Scotland stole a point before another cut-insubordination combination hobbled the USA in the final minutes, this time on Binkley. Tequila was not messing about and put up Scotland’s first multiple-pass jam of the bout going into the final two minutes with a 19-0 as the Americans filled their box. Binkley emerged with Nuke Jukem already scoring but headed back to the box on a backblock within seconds to let the Scots end the bout on a significant high with a 10-0 jam to make it 557-40.

100 Scott Slamilton // 12 BECKER // 19 STREAK // 20 WYATT // 21 ACKLUS // 23 QUADZILLA L.K. // 3 Peter Pan // 3158 STANG // 4 Just the Tip // 6 Jonathan R // 66 Sugar Boots // 82 Percy Controll // 9 frank not sohotra // L7 Magnum, p.i.m.p.

101 Mathieson // 1664 Konanbourg // 18 Tequila Jammer // 19 JudderJam // 2D Nuke Jukem // 39 Duff // 42 Dead Hardy // 5 Dreadie Mercury // 57 Jaffa Skates // 8 Porky // 802 rEd Baron // 9 WKDeid // 976 The Real Scrim Shady // SR71 zero

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