MRDWC QFs: England Drown Wizards of Aus, 388-138


England pulled out to an early lead with a couple of big power jams over the Wizards of Aus — and the game continued in that vein, with Australia never holding a lead and falling into an ever-deeper deficit off the back of frequent jammer penalties. They were in a 160-point hole at halftime, 225-65, and in the final analysis fell 388-138. England progress to face France tomorrow morning, while Australia will meet the storied Argentina side.

Sutton Impact opened the match with a quick 4-0 over Sausage Rolls, but the next few jams were relatively even, leaving England leading 32-26 three jams in. Skate Pilgrim landed in the box with the Australian star, leaving Ballistic Whistle to open the game up for England, making it 66-26.

A couple minutes later, Ass ‘n’ Junk hit the deck and stayed down, holding his head; England jammer Reaper called the jam in recognition of the injury before the refs could do so. He returned to his bench unassisted after a couple of minutes and play resumed with England holding a 76-26 lead.

Reanimated Gif drew a cut track penalty on Skate Pilgrim, handing Ballistic Whistle another power jam; he put up 32-0 to push England past the century mark, 108-26, halfway through the first period.

It was then Australia’s turn for a power jam as Sully landed in the box with a cut track — and was followed by several of his blockers, leaving Sausage Rolls at one point with just a single blocker to pass. He picked up a penalty along the way, too, and at the end of the full-length jam England led 124-38.

With 12 minutes in the half, the teams traded power jams; Sausage Rolls started the jam in the box and returned to play before Ballistic Whistle landed in the box with the England star. Sausage was barely able to pick up 5 before the jam expired, though, making it 139 to 49.

The next jam was marked by intense penalties — the Wizards of Aus had a 4-1 pack advantage early in the half, but haemorrhaged skaters, as did England; at the jam’s end, England held a 2-1 pack advantage.

England called their first time out with five minutes left in the period and holding a 174-49 lead. When play resumed, Sausage started on a power jam as Sully sat in the box; heavy defence by Sutton and Chemic-Al slowed his scoring, though. Next time out, Rex Tangle picked up a quick lead jammer call and an equally quick four points, but called the jam off when he was recycled back.

The half looked set to close with England on a power jam; Fuzz was held on his initial pass for much of the jam by Giggity and Spectral, before being directed off the track to get his elbow pad back in place. He’d no sooner returned to play than he was sent to the penalty box for a back block. The jam was called with England past the double-century, 217-61, and just enough time on the period clock for one more jam.

The last jam of the period started with both jammers in the box; the Wizards of Aus’ Walker entered the track immediately, but Reaper was just a second or two behind him and picked up a quick lead jammer call around the outside. He picked up a misconduct penalty on his next pass, though, and Team England’s defence forced a star pass to Ass ‘n’ Junk. The halftime score was 225-65.

The second half started in confusion: England’s Reaper took the jam line and the jam was immediately whistled dead, as he owed a penalty from before halftime and was then issued a further penalty for delay of gameplay. A lengthy timeout ensued as England called an official review and the crowd amused itself with a roaring Mexican wave — while the teams did their part, with Team England skaters performing cartwheels and handstands.

The review saw the delay of gameplay penalty overturned and Reaper returned to the track; his first-half penalty time had in fact expired before the period ended, but been misreported.

The first jam, when it eventually started, became a power jam for England as Sausage Rolls hit the box on a cut. Just a couple of minutes later — including another power jam — England finally had a 200-point margin, leading 287-69 with 24 minutes left to play. It wasn’t long before they broke the triple-century, either, making it 315-83 just five minutes later.

Skate Pilgrim picked up a much-needed lead jammer call for the Wizards of Aus at that point, but could only parse it into a single point after an apex jump as Ballistic Whistle got taken out, and in turn took out a jam ref.

That marked the start of a string of low-scoring jams which let the Aussies chip away at the margin; they hit triple digits with 15 minutes to play while slowing England’s scoring. When England broke back out, though, they made it 335-107 with 11 left on the clock — and 374-115 with 5 to go.

The final five minutes played out much as expected; heavy defence from the England side kept Australia’s scoring slow and they seemed content to run out the clock, letting jams run even when the Australian jammers did escape the pack. A power jam for the Wizards of Aus with less than two minutes left to play let Sausage Rolls push Australia’s final score to 138 and kept England just shy of a fourth century at 388.

With this victory, England progress to face France tomorrow morning, while Australia will see Argentina.

17 Sully // 21 Toots // 26 Chemic-Al // 3 Sutton Impact // 33 Rollin Stone R // 380 Flat Track Bully // 4 Rex Tangle // 4J Reanimated Gif // 60 Jerry Attric // 6283 Spectral // 666 Reaper // 82 Dog // G00 Giggity Giggity // MI6 Ballistic Whistle

0 Skate Pilgrim // 11 Sausarge Rolls // 1957 Spew // 27 Ya Mum // 505 Son of Skatin’ // 57 Ass n Junk (Stephens) // 633 Synaptic Kid // 75 Justin Credible // 77 Bohemian Slapcity (Ritchie) // 8 Oliver Sudden // 80 Flamin’ Galah // 88 Monkey Nuts // 89 Kernel Panic // FE3C Fuzz

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