MRDWC QFs: Canada Slays Wales, 281-36


Jammer penalties a-go-go in the opening minutes kept the score low and even left one jam to start jammerless after an officiating error saw both jammers released too early in the preceding jam.

The Canucks slowly built a 45-10 lead before StanDaSide held Meredith to let El Tannant in for a multiple-pass jam, and it was Tannant who extended the lead a little more on ther powerjam despite taking massive punishment from the indomitable force of Creighton-Griffiths in the Wales pack. That made it 70-22 with 21 minutes gone in the half as a slow and highly physical encounter took its toll on all concerned.

Stan showed that he had offensive skills to match those displayed on defence to free Red before a cut was forced on Jones and Red exploded with a 25-0 jam to make it 99-22 as tempers flared and bodies flew. BradAss dragged the Canadians over 100 points.

The 116-25 half-time lead the Canadians had built up seemed to settle them in the second period. BradAss showed this off waiting for several seconds as he just watched The Mechanic struggle with the rear Canadian wall before bursting out of the blocks and putting Canada’s second hit-and-quit jam in a row on the board as they continued to nudge their way forward. Ashton broke the pattern with a lead call–but hit the pack over-exuberantly and subsequently hit the box on a backblock, and Red made it 147-27 with a 23-2 jam win.

Wales continued in the combative form they had shown in the fist half and for the duration of their loss to the USA for the remainder of the game. Unfortunately, their frustration at the growing deficit then started to show as sloppiness creeped in and players started to visibly turn on each other when errors were made or perceived to have been made. One jammer penalty for crawling across the track after being hit to the outside off the line to avoid being sucked into a negative pass bit particularly hard, with Hayes being ejected for Gross Misconduct after a slide tackle later that jam and the Canadian lead hit 160.

Contact after the whistles saw The Mechanic boxed with the star as the final quarter began as the Welsh indiscipline really started to show on the scoreboard. Canada reached deep into their jammer rotation in the final ten minutes as they cruised to a 198-point lead courtesy of Tichbourne and Marty Gras before a cluster of jammer penalties for both teams and a lenghty official review heralded the final five minutes.

Quality Canadian offense rounded out the bout across the final powerjams of the game that saw more tempers flare as RollCall racked up two majors in the dying seconds–misconduct and an illegal procedure–and then he stood up in the box to express his disapproval seeing the second minute being signalled. He was then expelled from the bout after his misconduct major for punching Canadian skater Tank was upgrade to an expulsion. A suspension of one game–tomorrow’s, against Scotland–was levied following review after the bout.

Canada took the win 281-46.

0 El Tannant // 12 Walker // 1313 Dr T. Sanchez // 16 Marty Gras // 338 Flustercluck // 4 Stan DaSide // 5 Red // 6 Quiet Riot // 66 Tichbourne // 71 The Rev // 84 Grey Gustov // 911 Homer Jency // f22 BrADASS // M4 Tank

1 Manwaring // 117 RollCall // 17 Jenkins // 218 Longworth // 254 Jones // 2828 Ashton // 2×4 Creighton-Griffiths // 3 Hayes // 36 Phillips // 43 Clarke // 79 The Mechanic // 9 Malatynski // FE26 Meredith // HK86 Clements

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