MRDWC Consolation: All-Ireland Jumps Japan


G1: All-Ireland 416, Japan 85

The first regulation game of the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup was contested by Japan and All-Ireland. Both teams were down a skater on day one–Ireland lost Rave N’Buster to a broken ankle, while Japan’s squad was reduced to nine following Show’s separated shoulder .

Ireland took a 10-0 lead in jam one before a crowd-pleasing lead jam call for Japan’s U2 let the Ninjapan Rollers put up their first points. But a cut forced by the Ireland pack on his scoring pass let Lt Damn in to give Ireland a comfortable early lead. More jammer penalties–including one for leaving the box early–and one jam where they failed to field the correct number of players gave Ireland a 93-10 lead after eight minutes. The biggest cheers in the early going were for Zorro stealing four points on his escape from the box, though, neatly slipping round the apex for points as a jam was called late.

Jammer takeouts by Japan’s Umesan and ikagesoyaro were also particularly popular, especially one landed by Umesan on an Irish skater attempting an apex jump. Zorro, Mayuge-Born-Die and U2 all added some points for the Ninjapan Rollers in the period as Lt Damn, iPlay4Keeps and Electrixz Avin’U racked up most of Ireland’s points in their extended jammer rotation. It was 257-34 at the half.

Early in the second half U2 managed a perfectly-timed 4-0 jam to the enormous delight of the home crowd, waiting until the last possible second to call it off as he burnt the final seconds of a blocker penalty, and doing an excellent job of showing quite how quickly the inexperienced Japanese team were learning. Half time seemed to have finally conferred the ability on Japan to regularly form coherent walls and they picked up consecutive lead calls with the previously vocal relatively local Irish support nearly drowned up by the neutrals present willing Japan on.

U2 and Japan again showed how they’ve moved on tactically in 24 hours with one jam they took 9-2, rejecting vociferous crowd advice to call at 0-0 and getting in two scoring passes as the Ninjapan pack sharply held and recycled Cuban Whistle Crisis. Japan matched their first-half score inside the first half of the second period, but couldn’t quite match the Irish scoring rate with U2 the only jammer who could consistently break the stout Irish walls by himself rather than simply being able to win one-on-one battles.

Their first-even 60-minute game started to take its toll on Japan’s short roster in the dying stages and so Japan didn’t quite crack the century mark; Ireland progressed with a 416-85 win.

1000 El-Ahrairah // 117 Justin Ballsdeep // 45 Abnorman // 4T2 Lt. Damn // 51 // 7 Wallbang’er // 75 E.Roll Flynn // 8008 Eddy Knievel // 82 Mick Dastardly // 9 iPlay4Keeps // 904 Rave N’BustHer // 981 Cuban Whistle Crisis // B52 Block Lobster // F34R Electrixz Avin’U

1 U2 // 110 Show // 113 Gon-Z // 136 Zorro // 18 Gundam // 1929 DJ Jack // 32 ikagesoyaro // 4 Ryo-Chin // 7 Umesan // 99 Bubble // R4 Mayuge-Born-Die

G2: Germany 214, Belgium 163

Heroic blocking from Germany’s Skagent Smoof and his very short shorts did please the early-morning crowd, but didn’t get any points on the board for his team; Belgium raced into an early lead. But the Germans were soon in front thanks to Bloodred Kelly on the powerjam. It was inevitably a powerjam the other way that redressed the balance and restored the Belgian lead, and just it seemed just as inevitable that the lead was lost seconds later in identical circumstances in a jam that at one point had a grand total of seven skaters in the box or off the track on their way to it.

That really set the tone for the entire first half which was dominated by penalties for both teams and saw mere seconds of five-on-five action. It was extended after referee Cherry Fury was left dazed after a huge take-out and required medical attention; she was substituted, but suffered no lasting ill-effects. It was 117-84 to Germany at the half as they looked on course to move their all-time record against Belgium to 2-2 with what would be the most significant win in the series to date.

Strong dynamic German walls and Smoof’s hitting combined with a continuing rash of Belgian penalties to allow the Germans to extend their lead at the start of the second period. After ten minutes Belgium finally managed to string together a minute or two with four on the track and began to eat back into the German lead; their pack penalties swiftly returned–but used the first powerjam of the period to blast Bull’Doc through and bring it back within a jam’s worth of points at the half way stage.

Two German skaters fouled out in the closing stages as penalties continued to flow in all positions; the penalty-dominated encounter finished with a 214-163 German win to progress in the race for the World Cup Plate.

1 Mr Revenge // 101 WimPlash // 1010 Niels on Wheels // 1030 Track Vader // 1101 B.A. Be-Reckless // 1111 Johnson // 24 Fantoohm // 3NT Bull’Doc // 404 JerOminous // 62 MurDuck // 666 Schuma Track // 77 Rocky Ballbearing // 88 Trick 0r Threat // N6T4 Jet Poutre

007 Skagent Smoof // 1 Buttercup // 101 Bruise Wheelies // 11 Jam Pain // 12 Real Axt // 24 Dr. Frankenskate // 3 Mahatma Bronson // 308 Baltic Basterd // 4 Bloodred Kelly // 572 Coast Buster // 69 East Cider // 77 JC // 777 Zäpp van Zmäkk // 96 Hell G. Slider

G4: Finland 316, Sweden 135

The all-nordic battle in the consolation bracket was one of the few match-ups that had been seen before this tournament; Finland had taken a comfortable win over their neighbours in a warm-up bout.

Both teams had been shut out in half-hour games on the first day, but Finland wasted no time getting on the board early in this one. A rash of Swedish penalties gave the Finns a 50-0 lead inside five minutes before the Swedes got their first points on the board. Kenny Superpowers, Wesley Crusher and Wario were the hirsute Swede’s main tormentors with the star as Karttunen and Cpt. Blockvious their main threats in the pack. Blockvious did enliven proceedings with the star as well with a leap-and-call over the apex to seal a 4-0 with Xploit right on his tail as they hit the pack.

MegaWhat grabbed a couple for the Swedes in the first quarter that was monstly one-way traffic; the Finnish lead was over 100 in fewer than 15 minutes putting the bout well out of Sweden’s reach. A rash of Swedish lead jammer calls served to slow Finland’s advance towards the end of the period; it was 155-29 at the interval.

The second period was mostly more even in terms of scoring, but the Finns put the hammer down in the closing minutes to comfortably beat their warm-up result over the Swedes; they took it 316-135.

00 Karttunen // 1111 Ior Block // 1701 Wesley Crusher // 1928 Cliche Guevara // 23 SuicideBunny // 3 Carlos // 42 Cpt. Blockvious // 4C1D Acidic Ferrett // 4I Urpo Kekkonen // 51 Brennan // 55 Kenny SuperPowers // 77 Otto Pekkola // 8BIT Wario // 99 Tapani Kansa’n’Roses

1 RÃ¥-djuret // 13 Mick Jäger // 221b Block Watson // 3 Enjoyboy // 333 Mr Nice Guy // 404 Xploit // 5×3 Sweet Jackie // 61 Kickass Krutsson // 64 BadgerBadger // 75 Hellvis // 76 MegaWhat // 8 Rönnerup // G33K Ol’ Nerdy Bastard // Y4U Jada-jada
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