MRDWC Consolation 2nd Round: All-Ireland Tops Germany; Finland Overtakes Netherlands


All-Ireland 216, Germany 74

After wins earlier in the day against Belgium and Japan respectively, Germany and Ireland lined up for their second bout of the day as the looked to progress further in their hunt for the World Cup Bowl trophy for the 7th-placed finishers.

The Irish raced into an earlier lead before being undone by cuts to AbNorman and Cuban Whistle Crisis let the Germans back in. Block Lobster and Mick Dastardly did yeoman’s work on the powerjam defence, however, and let the Irish maintain a lead. Buttercup showed that the Germans could run strong powerjam defence too after an East Cider false start before El-Ahrairah forced a cut on Cider just after her returned to let AbNorman rebuild the Irish lead to 74-25 with 11:11 left in the half.

While Germany’s Baltic Basterd and East Cider had some success off the back of German packwork that was more co-ordinated than it had been at any previous point in the weekend, but it was only enough to stop the Irish seriously extending their lead rather than making inroads into it. That came to an end in the final two jams of the half as Lt Damn heaped pain on them both–and Ireland took a 103-32 lead into the locker room.

The Irish started the second period much the way they finished the first with a 29-4 run across the opening minutes. As the last of the natural light faded the second half became increasingly hard to observe for fans and officials alike–but the Irish in their white shirts rolled brightly on regardless. They won the third quarter 50-7 as they put down any hopes of a German comeback. That pushed the lead past the 100 mark where it stayed for the remainder of the bout, which finished 216-74 to Ireland.

As a result, Ireland progressed to the 7th place game, while the Germans are knocked out.

007 Skagent Smoof // 1 Buttercup // 101 Bruise Wheelies // 11 Jam Pain // 12 Real Axt // 3 Mahatma Bronson // 308 Baltic Basterd // 4 Bloodred Kelly // 572 Coast Buster // 60 Hard X-Blocker // 69 East Cider // 77 JC // 777 Zäpp van Zmäkk // 96 Hell G. Slider

1000 El-Ahrairah // 117 Justin Ballsdeep // 45 Abnorman // 4T2 Lt. Damn // 51 // 7 Wallbang’er // 75 E.Roll Flynn // 8008 Eddy Knievel // 82 Mick Dastardly // 9 iPlay4Keeps // 904 Rave N’BustHer // 981 Cuban Whistle Crisis // B52 Block Lobster // F34R Electrixz Avin’U

Finland 303, Netherlands 85

The last game of Saturday in Birmingham saw two teams fighting for World Cup survival; the winner was to go on to play for seventh on Sunday, while the loser’s weekend would be done. The Netherlands were handicapped from the off despite having had the day to rest up; they lost two skaters to injury after their day one exertions and started the bout with 12 fit skaters.

One point up for Ben Van Hurrrt gave the Dutch a very early lead against the Finns–but that didn’t last long. Animal got a cut for the Dutch to give the Finns a 19-1 lead; he cut again after being released after a Wesley Crusher cut. A high block on Crusher made it three jammer penalties in the jam, and Van Hurrt put multiple passes on the board next time out as the penalty finished; after that chaos was concluded, the Finns led 23-13 with seven gone.

Throughout the rest of the first period, penalties dictated the flow of the game. On the rare occasions the Dutch had five skaters on the track they formed coherent walls and often outscored the Finns–but those occasions were few and far between. Jammer penalties were their particular bane when it came to the margin; the Finns ruthlessly exploited their powerjam opportunities and took a 131-60 half time lead.

The second half began with further jammer penalties for the Netherlands and the Finns raced further into the lead, consitently outscoring the Dutch 2:1 as they held the Dutch jammers off the line, even though they could rarely keep them under control past turn three. However, as the game entered its final quarter The Netherlands handed Finland a succession of powerjams as their jammers suffered noticeable ill-effects from a succession of hits from the likes of Puto and Wario in the Finnish packs. They found a second wind just before the Finland lead reached 200 and got a succession of lead jammer calls. It took until the penultimate jam of the game for the Finns to hit that milestone off the back of a jammer penalty; they finished 303-85 winners to progress to Sunday’s 7th-place Bowl game against Ireland.

00 Karttunen // 1111 Ior Block // 1701 Wesley Crusher // 19 Tenu // 383 Jesari Essayah // 42 Cpt. Blockvious // 4C1D Acidic Ferrett // 4I Urpo Kekkonen // 51 Puto // 55 Kenny SuperPowers // 77 Otto Pekkola // 78 Doomageddon // 86 Bukkake Randelin // 8BIT Wario

03 Fairy Godfather // 11 Monkey Chopper // 114 Ripsnorter // 1F Untitled Rush’n // 2 ANIMAL // 3141 Mastermind // 42 Kirk Rammitt // 43 Halogene // 585 Johnny B Rude © // 666 Nocturnal Damage // 68 Tim(ber)! // 747 Captain Borderline // 8888 Ben van Hurrt // 981 Rudi Cartell

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