MRDWC 3rd: Canada Fends Off France, 196-111


The third-place game was contested by France and Canada, who found themselves both comfortably beaten in their semi-finals by England and the USA respectively. While the lead changed twice in the first few minutes, the Canadians led for the final 50 and took the win in a highly entertaining and competitive bout 196-111.

As he did against the USA El Tannant burst through for an early lead–but this time he was rewarded with a point rather than a box trip for his efforts, and Canada had the early lead. BradAss trebled the lead as Tichbourne and Stan DaSide held Killian David before Walker made it three-from-three for France, narrowly escaping last-ditch hits from Scare NX on his initial and scoring passes.

David got France’s first points in the first of three lead calls for France that gave them an 11-10 lead with 7 frantic minutes gone. Canada immediately retook the lead after a highly contentious low block call on David–but France limited the damage thanks to ScareNX, Slash Gordon and Angry Bear containing Walker for much of David’s penalty and holding him to 12 in the long jam.

That kickstarted a 40-0 run for the Canadians until a time-out for the French stopped the rot. Gordon and NX again combined in a tight rear wall around Red as The Cleaner put up six of the hardest fought points all weekend against Tank and Tichbourne. A brutal hit from The Rev on David at the whistles ensured Canada kept the French of the scoresheet and couldn’t build momentum before Riceball added to the growing Canadian lead to make it 57-16 with ten minutes to go in the half.

The Canadians moved ahead even though the French tended to edge jams where both teams were at full strength. The Canadians were pegged back by a succession of hit-and-quit jams from the French before El Tannant threw down a 25-0 jam as Tichbourne and Ziegler punished David and eventually drew a backblock from the French jammer. A scoreless jam looked to have ended the half–but a Canadian timeout and a clock correction forced a final jam of the period with two seconds remaining.

Walker was boxed on a forearm in that final jam and The Cleaner added 9–but it would have been more had he not hit the one-man wall that was Ziegler. The Canadians led 93-49 at the interval.

El Tannant opened the second half as he did the first with a smash-and-grab raid for four points before Ziegler, Red and Homer Jency controlled David and the Canadians started to take hold of the game with a combination of solid walls forming and jammers growing in confidence until a forearm call on Tannat stopped their run. Rocket Busch put up some points on the powerjam but struggled. He went down dazed after an apparrent blow to the head and the jam was called prematurely. David took the star but hit the box off the line, and Tannant made up for lost time with an 8-0. A backblock from BradAss gave The Cleaner the sniff of a chance of lessening the gap. But a solid wall of four Canadians stopped him in his tracks. He finally broke through only for a backblock from Tichbourne to send him into the infield; Tichbourne was penalised, but in frustration The Cleaner skated back on the other side of the track, cutting the entire turn. An official review followed from Canada and The Cleaner was penalised to release BradAss as the whistles blew on the next jam. His powerjam left Canada with a commanding 144-63 lead with just under 20 minutes to go.

That cushion returned the Canadians to the more controlled state that they had found success with at the start of the period. Magic Johnson neatly forced a cut on Rocket Busch with a full French Box and the lead passed 100 at the start of the final quarter. A majestic take-out from Dr T Sanchez in the final ten helped maintain that margin as the French fought to the death. A high block called on Tichbourne with the star inside the final minute meant Canada couldn’t quite match England’s margin earlier–but The Rev demolished David just as he was about to break through and kept the damage to a minimum.

Canada took the third place with a 196-111 win, leaving the French in fourth.

0 El Tannant // 12 Walker // 1313 Dr T. Sanchez // 14A Magic Johnson // 22 Ziggy // 4 Stan DaSide // 403 Riceball // 5 Red // 6 Quiet Riot // 66 Tichbourne // 71 The Rev // 911 Homer Jency // f22 BrADASS // M4 Tank

129 Rocket’Busch //13 Killian David //1631 The Cleaner // 192 Big Jim // 2000 AssHellOff // 2012 X-WING // 27 Monkey Bizness // 31 Angry Bear // 4NUS Maya Yanus // 717 Charles Martèle // F22 Slash Gordon // G4R4 Candel Héros // K2 Spider Biscote // X11 Scare NX

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