MRDA Quarterfinal: (4) Puget Sound Bounces (5) Pioneer Valley, 225-64


OLD BETHPAGE, NY — Puget Sound could only defeat Pioneer Valley by 25 when they met in May at Spring Roll, but some roster additions for PSOD – and some roster subtractions for Pioneer Valley – led to a much more convincing win for Puget Sound this time out. 4 seed PSOD advanced to play top seed St. Louis in the semifinals by blowing out 5 seed Pioneer Valley, 225-64.

While this game was close to start at 10-6 Puget Sound after three jams, Puget Sound got their first significant lead at 24-6 after a big 14-0 powerjam to new addition Speed Dealer. Two jams later, Pioneer Valley’s Dr. Spankenstein took a minor gamble as he took lead as the trailing jammer but kept it running while PSOD’s Scott Slamilton was scoring; it worked out for Pioneer Valley as Slamilton was boxed and Spankenstein’s run made it 34-20.

There were very few bright spots in the remaining 20 minutes of the half for Pioneer Valley, though. Puget Sound was able to keep Pioneer Valley completely blanked on non-powerjams, only allowing them to score twice more in the half. Although the Puget Sound advantage steadily increased, Pioneer Valley managed to at least hold them to low enough scores to keep themselves from getting blown out of the game before halftime.

With 11 in the half it was 56-24 Puget Sound, and with just under 4 left it was 79-24. Pioneer Valley finally got back on the board just in time to give themselves some sorely needed momentum with only about a minute left in the half; Dr. Spankenstein was on a powerjam against a very light Puget Sound pack of just Corporal Punisher and Cory Pain, and Spanks put up 18-0. At the break, Puget Sound was up 79-42.

However, when the teams came out of the break, Puget Sound did not let Pioneer Valley build on that jam. PSOD went on a 30-2 run over the first 10 minutes of the half, leaving them up 119-44 with about 20 left to play. The next ten minutes would be enough to bury Pioneer Valley, as PSOD’s advantage jumped over 100 points with just under ten minutes left in the game when Scott Slamilton put up a huge 26-0 powerjam and made it 181-57. From that point on, it was only a matter of time; Puget Sound won 225-64.

Pioneer Valley will play Dallas for 5th place later on Saturday at 1:45pm.

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