MRDA Quarterfinal: (3) Magic City Bashes (6) Dallas, 234-84


OLD BETHPAGE, NY — In the opening bout of the 2011 MRDA Championships, Jonny Longhare, Streak, Drew Peacock and Buster Muffinhaf led a very balanced Magic City jammer attack to a dominating victory 234-84 over bottom-seeded Dallas. The victory sends 3 seed Magic City to the semifinals to play 2 seed New York Shock Exchange.

This game got out to a somewhat choppy start, as two lengthy referee timeouts after the first and third jams meant than the first three jams took about 15 minutes to play. Magic City jumped out to a 9-0 lead on the first jam, but the game’s second jam was an opportunity for Dallas when MCM’s jammer Buster Muffinhaf was boxed before scoring. Dallas had a powerjam for Ninja Please entering jam 3. Dallas narrowed the margin to 9-5 after a complicated jam that saw both team’s jammers hit the box. That led to the second of the referee timeouts, after which Buster came out of the box for a big jam — he put up 10 before a star pass to Streak, who added 10 more. Magic City was up 29-5 about 10 minutes into the game.

As it turned out, Ninja’s 5 powerjam points on jam 3 were Dallas’ only points for the first 15 minutes of the game, as Dallas had a lot of trouble dealing with the extremely sharp stops and acceleration of MCM jammers; Dallas also suffered from penalty trouble that left them usually outnumbered on the floor. It wasn’t still the score was 82-5 that Dallas finally had things go their way in a 4 on 3 powerjam for Matomic; he was able to jump and spin his way to a 13-5 win, and Magic City called their first timeout at 87-18 with 12:48 left in the first half.

Magic City’s lead hit triple digits with 6 minutes still left in the first half on a big 20-0 that made it 132-28; even though, MCM was repeatedly bitten by jammer penalties in the last few jams of the half, they still managed to increase that advantage to 151-40 at the break. At the break, Matomic was the only Dallas jammer in double digits with 23.

On jam 3 of the second half, penalty trouble once again severely damaged the Magic City pack, leaving just Powder out of the floor against 4 Dallas blockers; Matomic converted that to 20-0 and a new score of 170-60. But when Magic City cleared the box, their defense was able to take control of Dallas again; with 13 minutes left to play, Magic City was up 200-71.

Even though Magic City lost key player Streak to a foulout at that point, that wasn’t anywhere near enough of a difference to allow Dallas to change the dynamic. When it was over, Magic City had cruised to a 234-84 win.

Buster Muffinhaf led Magic City with 55 points, while Matomic scored more than half of Dallas’ points with 48.

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