MRDA Championships: New York Shocks St. Louis, 162-149


SIOUX CITY, IA–The New York Shock Exchange and St. Louis Gatekeepers wrote another chapter in their storied rivalry with a back-and-forth battle that went down to the final jam. A two-point margin with two-minutes to go left the outcome in doubt–but a lead jammer call for Jonathan R secured the Shock Exchange both the win and a date with Your Mom in the MRDA Championships’ final.

This bout was one of the most anticipated of the weekend, as the two teams have a thrilling history–the Gatekeepers handed the Shock Exchange their first-ever loss in 2011 and last year’s MRDA Championships semi-final bout was an instant classic. This latest meeting promised to be a similar edge-of-your-seat contest from the very first whistle.

New York took an early lead with Jonathan R’s 20 point power jam in the first quarter, while both teams filled their penalty box. But the Gatekeepers were hardly ruffled, sending in Shane Bower to jam with ten minutes left in the half; that pushed the Gatekeepers one point ahead of New York. Jonathan R answered with three more points to continue the back and forth point trading that characterized the first half.

After drawing a penalty on Debaucherous Prime, the Shock Exchange’s Carnage Asada found himself in the penalty box, while Prime worked to further extend the Gatekeepers’ lead. Despite some amazing positional defense by New York’s Abe Drinkin’, the Gatekeepers ended the first half ahead of New York by six points.

The Gatekeepers continued to experience penalty troubles in the opening minutes of the second period, but stellar defense by Percy Control at the front of the pack kept the point damage from Shock Exchange to a minimum. A penalty on Magnum P.I.M.P let Bane-ana put up a grand slam–and with those points, New York broke free of the Gatekeepers’ lead permanently. That lead change was backed up with an 18-point power jam for Ladies Knight before Jonathan R pushed the Shock Exchange over the century mark, further expanding the margin.

The Gatekeepers answered with a power jam for Debaucherous Prime with around fifteen minutes remaining in the half, closing the gap to make it a 26-point game. Their scoring stalled there, though, before Screecharound finally broke the Gatekeepers’ point-freeze as the clock wound down to five minutes, and a power jam for Batwing three minutes later put the Gatekeepers within striking distance for a last-second win–but it wasn’t to be. With the score at 137-139 in favor of New York, Jonathan R took lead jammer status in the final jam and secured the win for New York, 162-149.

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