MRDA Championship: (2) New York Defeats (4) Puget Sound for 2nd Straight Mens Title, 143-133


OLD BETHPAGE, NY — On Saturday, October 22, the New York Shock Exchange hosted the Big Apple Beatdown – the first Men’s Roller Derby Association championship tournament. In the final game, NYSE beat the “losing curse” that has typically befallen tournament hosts in women’s derby, holding off a tough challenge from Puget Sound to win the championship bout 143-133.

The victory made NYSE men’s derby champions for the second year in a row — last year, they claimed the organization’s title when it existed as the MDC — and improved their all-time record in public bouts to 30-1.

As the #2 seed, New York had a bye for the first round, and then fought hard against Jacksonville, Florida’s Magic City Misfits in a nailbiter that saw the Misfits leading for much of the second period. NYSE managed to battle back for a win by a score of 139 to 131, sending Magic City to the third place game against the #1 seeded St. Louis Gatekeepers (Magic City won there to claim third, 170-145.) Fourth-seeded Puget Sound Outcast Derby’s tournament journey began with a 225-64 win over Pioneer Valley’s Dirty Dozen, and continued with a 127-106 upset over St. Louis, vaulting the West Coast team into the championship bout against NYSE. The two teams last met at the 2011 Spring Roll, with NYSE squeaking by for the win, 125-118.

After a scoreless opening frame, Jam 2 saw NYSE’s Rinkworm line up against PSOD’s Thunderstruck. Rinkworm escaped the pack first, but a minor cut prevented him from getting lead jammer. Thunderstruck was held up by NYSE blockers Ladies Knight, Vader, and Ace of Skates and did not get the lead jammer call as he managed to finally get out of the pack.  Rinkworm pulled off a grand slam for the first points of the game, but unable to call the jam off, Thunderstruck also pulled off two scoring passes of his own for a final jam total of 11-9 in NYSE’s favor.

Puget Sound’s jammers managed four consecutive lead jammer calls in the next four jams, and then New York jammers got the lead jammer whistle for four straight jams after that. Strong blocking and penalties on both sides, combined with strategic jam calling by the lead jammers made for several low-scoring jams, and after 10 jams NYSE led, 24-20.

In jam 11, PSOD took their first lead with a 9-0 jam by Scott Slamilton as Radillac, Hollywood ‘Chuck’ Berry, Cory Pain and Corporal Punishment ganged up on Rinkworm to keep him in the pack for two minutes, making the score 31-24. NYSE’s Jonathan R. answered back in jam 12 with a 25-2 jam over Puget Sound’s Speed Dealer, who started the jam in the penalty box and passed the star to pivot Corporal Punishment.

With a lead of 49 to 33, NYSE was held scoreless in the next two jams by PSOD, but added to their lead in jam 15 with Rinkworm scoring an 8-5 jam over Quadzilla. PSOD crept back with back-to-back 4-2 jam wins in the next two jams, but a 14-3 jam for Stan DaSide helped them reclaim the lead as NYSE jammer Starsky cooled his heels in the box on a major track cut.

With Puget Sound leading 62-61, Hollywood ‘Chuck’ Berry started the next jam on the line unopposed and scored two grand slams to pad the Puget Sound lead as Starsky passed the star to NYSE pivot Jonathan R, who became the target of Puget Sound’s punishing defense. Ladies Knight lined up with the star against Thunderstruck, but Thunderstruck went to the box for his fourth minor, leaving Knight to score three grand slam scoring passes, putting NYSE in the lead at the half, 76-72.

The lead flipped back to Puget Sound as the second half began, with Ryrod starting out and immediately passing the star to Hollywood ‘Chuck’ Berry, who dropped a 6-0 jam on Jonathan R. to make the score 78-76, PSOD. Rinkworm and Thunderstruck faced off yet again in the next jam, with Rinkworm scoring nine points to Thunderstruck’s four, taking back the lead for NYSE, 85-82.

NYSE pulled away in the next few jams, with Ladies Knight contributing a 15-0 jam over Speed Dealer to put New York at the century mark for the bout, while Puget Sound’s point total held steady at 82. Both teams scored low for the next five jams, and the score was 109-93 as Jonathan R. lined up next to Scott Slamilton. Slamilton escaped the pack first, but a major cut sent him straight to the box. Meanwhile, Jonathan managed to score four grand slams as the NYSE blockers played the slow game to force the PSOD blockers to stretch the pack out and into no-pack situations, making the score 129 to 93, New York.

Brutal blocking from both sides prevented any major scoring runs for either team over the next ten jams, with both New York and Puget Sound scoring 11 points while shaving 10 minutes off the clock. With the score standing at 140-104 in NYSE’s favor and exactly five minutes remaining in the game, Stan DaSide picked up lead jammer against Jonathan R., scoring a 14-3 win. With 3:43 left, Puget Sound found themselves within striking distance again, with the scoreboard reading 143-118. They managed to pick up small wins in the next two jams, scoring 7 points while holding NYSE scoreless, but unable to do more damage as the PSOD crew filled the penalty box and blocker Cory Pain was ejected for seven trips to the box.

With the clock ticking down and less than a minute to go, Jonathan R. and Scott Slamilton lined up for another jam together with the score totaling 143-125, NYSE leading. With only two blockers on the track for each team, Slamilton was through first, but a minor track cut prevented him from obtaining lead jammer status. Jonathan R. came through the pack shortly afterward for lead, but opted to hang back and kill time, allowing Slamilton to score 8 points before calling the jam and securing the championship for the Shock Exchange.

Leading scorers for NYSE were tournament jamming MVPJonathan R. (61 points in 14 jams), Ladies Knight, (46 points/10 jams), and Rinkworm (34 points/12 jams). For PSOD, Stan DaSide led the scoring with 41 points in seven jams, followed by Hollywood ‘Chuck’ Berry (23 points/9 jams), Quadzilla (19 points/7 jams) and Speed Dealer and Thunderstruck (each with 17 points in 7 and 6 jams, respectively).

Standout blockers for NYSE were Abe Drinkin’ (32 jams, 0.00 differential), Jefferee (20 jams, +1.00), Vader (19 jams, +1.68), T-Stop Tornado (16 jams, +0.19) and Filthy McNasty (16 jams, +1.15). For PSOD, blocking threats included tournament blocking MVP Radillac (29 jams, +1.79), Cory Pain (33 jams, -0.97), Hollywood ‘Chuck’ Berry (19 jams, +0.79), Ryrod (27 jams, -1.70) and Quadzilla (19 jams, -2.26).

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