[one_half valign="top" animation="none"] What is your real first name? My real name is Miranda What is your derby name and what’s the story behind it? My derby name is Red Hot; short and sweet, representing the ginger locks, and up to interpretation :) What is your number and what’s the story behind it? My number is 2 …. No real meaning behind it; it was one of the available numbers to choose from at the time and I thought it was fun. How long have you been playing derby? I started roller derby in 2011 with Rideau Valley Roller Girls in Ottawa, and joined NCRD in 2012. After moving to Orillia for work in 2013 I also became part of Misfit Militia in Alliston. What position do you normally play? I started off playing as jammer but have been developing more of my blocking skills, so I usually do a mixture of both. What attracted you to the sport of roller derby? I was introduced to roller derby from my oldest sister Elle Hoar. After helping out with a few practices and bouts I was instantly hooked! How do you support your derby habit? ( job description) My work position is always changing; I can be found working with animals or in enforcement. My background is wildlife biology and natural resource law enforcement, and I am aspiring to be a wildlife officer. What has been one of your most memorable experiences in roller derby? My most memorable experience is the regional tournament in Guelph in 2012 when I played with Sister Slag, and with both of my sisters; it was my second bout playing as a skater and my first bout after recovering from a knee injury. It was a great weekend full of derby! Is there anything that you aspire to do as a skater or referee in general? I just aspire to do my best :) Do you have a special signature move or play? From what I hear, I am known for my toe-stop dancing jammer style and my low butt-out blocking style… oh and my hard hip bones. Does your family support your derby career? Roller derby is extremely well supported in my family! I initially thought my mom would be worried and fearful to watch me and my sisters play, but it doesn’t seem to bother her at all – perhaps she is just use to seeing us beat each other up, and wearing all the protective gear makes it safer. Give one reason why someone should join roller derby? There are so many reasons why someone should join roller derby, and the reason is different for each person, whether it is for fitness, camaraderie, for fun, a form of release, etc. My reason is that roller derby is empowering and rewarding. Give us one word to describe roller derby. I’m going to have to use a Finnish word, “sisu”. redhot4redhot3 [/one_half] [one_half_last valign="top" animation="none"] redhot6redhot1 redhot7 redhot2 [/one_half_last]

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