MDD All-Stars vs. Tragic City Bout Recap

This landmark evening marked the first official bout for the new All Stars team of the Marietta Derby Darlins. The Zamora Shrine Temple in Birmingham AL showcased a packed house with an enthusiastic home crowd hosted by the Tragic City Rollers. Excitement and competitive tension filled the air as these regional rivals prepared to duke it out on the track.

The first jam of the night would prove prophetic as Tragic City would win lead jammer, only to have MDD’s Just a Girl appear to catch her and score the jam’s only point or two just as the jam was called. But, by the slimmest of margins, Girl would just miss out on those points. A power jam lead to an early 20 point lead for Tragic City. The MDD All Stars would then battle back to within 25-21 of the home team, to the excitement of their fans. That excitement would be short lived, as some very close calls and bad luck would lead to too many penalties and power jams against MDD, and a 140-54 halftime lead for Tragic City.

The second half performance improved for MDD with jammers Just a Girl, and Eccentrica Giggle-Kicks winning lead jammer much more frequently. The MDD blockers and pivots Charlie Chaos, Vexing Violet, Amber Graves of Slain, Mayday Faye, Heidi Gloom, Ninja Starr, T-McPain, Biblio Blitzkreig, Spanx You, Drag’n TameHer, and Yoda Lady Who, were much improved in keeping the opposing jammers at bay and clearing the way for their own. But the close calls and bad luck would end up ruling the day while ruining it for our MDD All Stars, leading to more power jams for Tragic City and allowing them to pull away. The final score of 238-124 should provide plenty of motivation to MDD for a future rematch. Enjoy the victory, Tragic City – we’ll get you next time. We promise!

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