MDD All-Stars vs. Greenville Bout Recap

On March 14th, the Marietta Derby Darlins Allstar team made their home debut in Rome, GA. They were facing off against the Greenville Derby Dames (Greenville, SC). Neither team was able to field a full roster of fourteen skaters, so both were expecting a challenging fight to the finish.

In the first half, MDD jumped out to a quick lead, thanks to the fast feet of Eccentrica Gigglekicks, Just a Girl, and Drag N’ TameHer. Strong blocking by BiblioBlitzkrieg, T McPAIN, and Mayday Faye held the Greenville jammers and prevented them from scoring enough points to even up the score. Solid hits by Spanx You, Charlie Chaos, and Heidi Gloom forced penalties on the Greenville skaters, enabling MDD’s jammers to capitalize on power jams and short packs. 

In the second half, Mayday Faye, Yoda Lady Who, and T McPAIN jumped into the jammer rotation, adding points to the board and increasing MDD’s lead. The Greenville jammers were stymied by the tough blocking of Vexing Violet, Ninja Star, and Amber Graves of Slain. They were unable to close the point gap by the last whistle. Final score: Marietta 257, Greenville 77.

Want to be a part of the Marietta Derby Darlins? Both home teams, Marietta and Rome, are currently recruiting! The next try-out date is schedule for May 4th at Hot Wheels in Woodstock ( Check out the Facebook event for more details! (

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