MDD All-Stars vs. Dixie Derby Bout Recap

The Marietta Derby Darlins All-Stars continue to grow together as a team and their hard work was put to the test against the Dixie Derby Girls on Saturday March 21, 2015.  On the road with a short roster against a heavy hitting team with supportive fans, the team knew it would be an uphill battle.  The energy was high in the rink prior to the start and the MDD All-Stars looked focused.  With an already tough atmosphere, the hardest hit would come very early in the bout.  On the first jam, and even before the jammers had established lead, a key blocker for the All-Stars went down hard.  Ninja Star suffered a serious injury that would put her out of the bout.  The injury had all concerned, and it would have been understandable if the MDD All-Stars had folded under the pressure of losing a key blocker, leaving them with a critically low roster.


After a significant delay to take care of Ninja Star, the teams were again ready to skate.  The MDD All-Stars did not fold.  They attacked the first jam with team focus and immediately established the tone of the bout.  They took lead with team blocking, lead by Vexing Violet and Amber Graves of Slain, holding back the opposing-jammer while Just A Girl weaved her way through the Huntsville defense.  The team blocking and jammer dominance allowed the All-Stars to establish a comfortable lead halfway through the first half. Stunned by the speed of jammer Eccentrica Giggle Kicks and the vision of jammer Just A Girl, the home town rivals turned up their intensity.  The heavy hitting knocked the wind out of the MDD All-Stars and Dixie fought their way back into the bout.   At the end of the first half, the MDD All-Stars were showing signs of a short roster, a fast track, and determined rivals.


Coach Saul regrouped the team at halftime and the All-Stars started the second half with the same focus that they started with.  Vexing Violet and Mayday Faye orchestrated the defense with great communication and T-McPain, Heidi Gloom, Amber Graves of Slain, Spanks You, Drag’n Tame Her, and  Yoda Lady Who delivered the hits.  Eccentrica Giggle Kicks continued to attack with speed and the MDD All-Star jammers (including cameo jams by Yoda Lady Who and Drag’N Tame Her) dominated. The team execution of blocking and jamming continued at a fierce pace to the end and the team earned a well deserved victory over Dixie.


The team really came together in spite of some major hurdles.  Their communication was excellent and as a result, they played as a cohesive unit resulting in an impressive victory against a tough opponent.


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