MBDD vs. Sintral Valley 3/14/15

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 12.14.42 PMMonterey Bay Derby Dames season opened with a win against the Sintral Valley Derby Girls from Turlock, Ca.Sintral Valley dominated the first few jams with a strong offense off the jam line.
Sintral skater, Van Cayle (1984), called the strategy “3 and 1”— three blockers on defense and one on offense.Sintral used the offensive blocker to open a lane for their jammer on the outside line while pinning the rest of Monterey’s blockers’ back with their own defensive blockers.
 “We really started playing well as a team,” said five year veteran skater Van Cayle (1984). “We worked on rebuilding our walls once broken and getting back together.”
Quick to change the tides, Monterey sent their blockers up to the pivot line at the jam start to counter Sintral’s “3 and 1” technique. Monterey pulled ahead by the half time with a score of 75 – 61.
The second half saw Monterey take the lead jammer position, snag some points, and call off the jam— strategically inching ahead. As a result the point differential widened and Monterey took a strong lead.Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 12.16.00 PMThe final jam contained an interesting scenario: no lead jammer. Sintral’s would-be-lead jammer Jen-O-Side (422) received a “No Pass No Penalty” call from the refs meaning she was hit out of bounds, but the blocker who hit her out of bounds went down.Sintral’s jammer then came back in front of the blockers, received the penalty, and lost her lead jam status.  Since there was no lead jammer to call off the jam, the skaters fought for a full two minutes ending with a final score of 174 – 113.

“We fought for every point and maintained our cool,” Monterey team co-captain and game MVP Bad Zombie (1054) said.

The Monterey Bay Derby Dames will play Central California Area Derby on April 25.

by Jezebelle Z. BuB

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