London Repeats Detroit, 407-36


GUILDFORD, UK–At the first Anarchy in the UK tournament , London went 0-3 on their way to the wooden spoon–but ultimately proved the point they deserved an invitation to their first regional tournament. This time they came into their last game with the tournament and potential top seeding at playoffs on the line.

When these teams met on Friday night before the tournament, London Brawling swept the Detroit Roller Girls All-Stars aside 311-22 in what was Detroit’s biggest-ever WFTDA loss. This time London beat that margin and managed a first-half shutout on their way to a 407-36 win; but Detroit could take heart from the fact that they’d get a better rankings return on this game thanks to the improved score ratio.

Detroit’s Feta Sleeze got lead in jam one but called it off before scoring with Kami on her tail, spurning her chance for points. Rogue Runner only managed two points in jam two with Racer McChaseHer hot on her heels as the team’s second encounter of the weekend started much as the first one did before a double jammer penalty on Racer–a cut followed by an IP for illegal re-entry–in jam four let London blow into a 34-0 lead.

Detroit showed strong offensive awareness across the first ten to somewhat limit London’s scoring as they broke jammers out. At that point London’s defence coalesced as Detroit’s blockers picked up a succession of penalties. That combination meant London cruised past 100 inside the first quarter with Detroit scoreless. That buffer seemed to give London an edge that let them deploy at least one blocker in an offensive role to further accelerate their scoring whle maintaining the shutout.

Detroit’s next best chance to score came at 176-0 with their second lead call with four minutes left–but another 0-0 call-off from Cookie Rumble with Kami chasing kept the London’s shutout intact until the break when they led 198-0.

London bossed the start of the second as they had much of the first as Detroit widened their jammer rotation to as they searched for a way through. Meryl Slaughterburgh eventually found that way as Rogue Runner was stuck by a solid white wall of Racer and Lostandfound–and she put up a 4-0 to make it 261-4 after eight minutes of the second period.

Two jams later Rogue was again the villain as she was boxed on a forearm allowing Slaughterburgh through for Detroit’s first grand slam of the bout. She put up 10 before being boxed on a forearm of her own as Rogue was returning, and the two points gained on her return made it 284-16. 30 London points later Feta Sleeze got lead and nudged Detroit up to their Friday night total just as London passed theirs. It was Slaughterburgh who pushed Detroit past that total in the next jam after Go-Go cut–and that made it 317-36 with nine minutes left to skate.

Those final nine passed without significant incident; London finished 407-36 winners and take the tournament with a 3-0 record. Detroit finished 1-2, and would have to wait for Rocky vs Toronto to see what their final placement to be confirmed.

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