Lilo & Stitches went to Antwerp – Coaching One Love Roller Dolls!

Our coaches in ARRG don’t just coach us, they also travel the world, guest coaching other teams.

We love visiting other teams and giving them some of our ARRG tips and tactics, and it seems they love having us! When our Belgian born Lilo & Stitches was asked to visit her home country, she jumped at the chance. Here’s what she said about her trip:

“When we got the email from Antwerp Roller Derby (One Love Roller Dolls) asking me to come and coach them, I was super excited. I was born in Belgium and never really get the chance to go back, so I was very excited to meet and skate with some real life Belgians!

I knew that OLRD were a good team already, in the top 25 in Europe by Flat Track Stats and one of the top leagues in Belgium, so I wanted to make sure that the sessions planned would be tailored specifically to what they needed to work on. They had a big tournament coming up (Skates of Glory – the annual Benelux derby tournament –

After seeing the footage, and speaking to the trainers, we decided to have a section on blocking skills with a lead in to some scrimmage, an off skates session on ‘Mentally preparing for a tough game’, and a session on jammer skills.

Each section focused on small changes that could make their already existing skills more efficient and help fine tune everything in preparation for Skates of Glory.

All in the sessions spanned 5 hours and by the end of the day my voice was almost gone!

OLRD were incredibly friendly and receptive and it was a total blast to go and coach them. I’d do it again any time!”

Sounds like she had a great time! Our top coaches are available for coaching at your league too, have a look here for more information!

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