Let’s Roll, Lez Roll – Mavens hit the highway for a Roller Derby Road Trip!

How do you make a cross country road trip more exciting? Add roller derby!


IMG_20121220_123543I have always wanted to drive across this great country of ours, a la Thelma and Louise, with a lot less IMG_20121228_164057death of course. So, when my Louise approached me with the idea of driving to see her Mom who lives an hour outside of Phoenix, AZ, I jumped at the chance.  Well let me tell you right now that unless you leave the interstate, there is very little to see between Michigan and Arizona.  No giant balls of twine, no Paul Bunyan statues, just a LOT of land, and mountains… and fake dinosaurs. They love those in Arizona.



But when you do get out of the car to get gas and coffee, the people are really, really nice.  Maybe everyone is nice but you’re too rushed to notice at home.  Maybe I was just in a good mood. Maybe people are just nicer to strangers.  I don’t know.


IMG_20130101_110451So now for the derby.  The nicest thing that happened to us on this trip is that to save money and make the trip IMG_20121217_185455more fun we contacted leagues every 8 hours along the way.  Via email we contacted total strangers and asked to crash a practice and crash on their couches.  The good news is that several skaters jumped at the chance to host us sight unseen!  The bad news was that most leagues cancel practice over the holidays so I was only able to hit practice in Oklahoma City with our host, Taryn BonesApart.  I was scheduled to practice with the super hard core Duke City girls but practice was cancelled at the last minute because of flurries and high winds, yeah, they practice outside on a concrete basketball court.

20121227_224332It was so awesome to meet all the skaters that I did.  It was great to walk into their homes, drop my road weary hide in a comfortable chair and hear all their different perspectives on the sport that we all love and to share my own.  I was jealous of their proximity to the banked track leagues.  They were jealous of my proximity to roughly 10 times as many leagues as they are. Oh and we got way more than a couch.  Taryn bought us dinner and gave up her own bed.  Krush in Albuquerque cooked for us and got us all toasty on boxed wine. Death Row and Killer Queen let us stay two nights to explore Santa Fe, NM which is amazing.

I don’t need to drive over 5000 miles in a two week period ever again.  But if I ever do, I know it will be an awesome roller derby road trip.





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