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This post was originally featured at Derby News Network in March 2010.

LOS ANGELES, CA – The L.A. Ri-Ettes (Battle on the Bank 2009 #2) narrowly defeated Team Legit (BotB 2009 #3) Saturday 133-127 in a tightly contested game with 15 lead reversals that came down to the finest point of the rules in the last jam.

It was the first test of the year for the Ri-Ettes, playing with seven new members and new leadership. It was also a declaration by Team Legit, playing with 7 returning members, that they plan to be serious contenders for the top spot in Battle on the Bank III in June. Several missteps cost them the game this time, and they are not likely to be repeated in their future banked track outings.

Team Legit uses only their government names in banked track competition, but their derby names are referenced here because of the long derby resumes of many of their players.

While the newly minted WORD Rules (PDF) for banked track are largely comparable to WFTDA rules, some of the exceptions tripped up the Rat City dominated Legit. With one minute jams, the ability of lead jammer status to change hands with a jammer pass, and the requirement that a jammer be on the track to call off the jam, WFTDA tuned defensive skills and timing need to be adjusted. In a tight game, that adjustment is the difference between a win and a loss. And then there are the last jam major rules, which have been revised to comprehensibility by mere mortals, but still have the appearance of a deus ex machina when they’re applied.

The Ri-Ettes started out with a modest 4-0 first jam lead, but Team Legit closed the gap to 8-7 by the 4th jam, gained a single point lead 9-8 in the 5th, and LADD retrieved the lead in the 6th 12-9. The lead changed 2 more times, with L.A. ahead 24-14 when Caitlin “Muffin” Krause scored 14-0 in a powerjam with a 4-3 Legit pack (with one minute jams, that’s the rough equivalent of a 28 point flat track jam) bringing Legit back into the lead, 28-24. The Ri-Ettes retrieved the lead once again with a 10-0 Powerjam from Lace N’ Arsenic and a 3-3 pack.

Then Ceclila “Re-AnimateHer” Hanley was tripped up by the banked track rules difference, when she tried to call off the jam from the infield before L.A.’s Long Island Lolita could hit the pack for a scoring run. When the jam wasn’t called, she got back on the track for a scoring run without attempting to call off the jam from the track. The misstep turned what would have been a 4-0 jam into a 4-3 jam, 37-32 L.A.

The 1st Quarter finished with an 8-0 powerjam for the Ri-Ettes’ Laguna Beyatch, with LADD leading 45-32. The board leader changed hands 6 times in the quarter.

Team Legit opened the 2nd Quarter with an 8-4 jam, which ended with the notable penalty box sentence of both McGuire sisters, better known as Demanda Riot and Miss E. Vil, in the penalty box at the same time. The second jam was where Legit jammer Laura “Amanda Jamitinya” Mann made a game changing miscalculation. With a 2-2 pack, she entered her scoring run with Long Island Lolita 20 feet behind her. Rather than taking a point and calling the jam before Lolita could hit the pack, she continued a pass attempt against V. Lee, who took her down with backward facing shoulder to the chest. Lolita passed her, obtaining lead jammer status in the process, and took the pack before calling the jam, turning a 3 or 4-0 jam into a 4-4 jam, the Ri-Ettes now leading 53-44.

Legit succeeded in wrestling back the lead from L.A. by the 7th jam in the quarter, 59-55, Losing it momentarily in the 12th jam, 65-64. In the final jam of the half, V. Lee was still working on her initial pass in a 4-4 pack when Krause scored a Grand Slam, but Lee got out of the pack with Krause well on her way for a second pass. She made it through her second pass with 15 seconds left on the jam clock going for a third pass. V. Lee hit her scoring run with 12 seconds left on the clock (and tried to call it off without being lead jammer) as Legit slowed the pack to a crawl, and Krause slammed into the back of the pack and went down, gaining only 7-4 on the gamble. Legit picked up 39 points to the Ri-Ettes 24, a 15 point advantage for the quarter, finishing the half ahead 71-69.

While the 1st Quarter saw both teams starting to pull together with the advantage going to the Ri-Ettes, it was the 2nd Quarter where Team Legit got its banked track legs, living up to the expectations of its all star lineup.

The 3rd Quarter was a tightly contested game of inches as the Ri-Ettes pulled ahead 74-71 by the 2nd jam, Legit tied the score the next, and pulled ahead in the 4th jam 76-74. The Ri-Ettes tied the score in the 7th jam and pulled ahead again in the 8th, 84-80. Lu “Rice Rocket” Chen put Legit back in the lead with an 8 point powerjam, 88-85. LADD tied the score up once again in the 12th jam, 88-88. And Krause put Team Legit back into a quarter ending lead with a 6-0 Powerjam, to end the quarter 94-88, a 4 point gain over LADD.

The Ri-Ettes came out hard and heavy in the 4th Quarter. Opening with a 10-0 powerjam from Lace in a 3-2 pack, L.A. was once again in the lead, 98-94. It was the first time the jam score broke double digits since the first quarter. A subsequent 9-0 jam by Lolita against Julie “Angela Death” Adams with a 4-3 LADD pack advantage put the Ri-Ettes even further into the black with 107-94, matching their 13 point lead at the end of the 1st Quarter, the largest lead held so far in the game.

But Team Legit answered with a 10-0 jam of their own when Chen took on Krissy Krash with a 4-2 Legit pack advantage, narrowing the gap at 107-104. They with a 10-0 jam from Lacey “Carmen Getsome” Evans against Lace N’ Arsenic, and a Legit 4-2 pack advantage, Team Legit took the lead back 114-111. LADD siezed the lead again one jam later in the 6th, 115-114. With a 10 point Powerjam 2 jams down the line from Laguna Beyatch, LADD pulled ahead 129-114, raising the game’s spread to its highest point yet at 15 points.

Team Legit wasn’t standing still for that. They held L.A. to 129 for the next 4 jams. In the second to the last jam, Beyatch went down along with Karolina “Swede Hurt” Berglof, when Adams slammed into LEGacy’s booty block, leading to a pileup that left only 3 of the 9 skaters on the track standing. Then on her scoring pass she cut past LADD’s Eire Vengeance as she re-entered the track to call off the jam on her knees.

The teams lined up with Lace and Hanley lined up for the jam. The Ri-Ettes had to pull down Lace when they were informed that Beyatch got her 4th minor. It looked like it was going to be a Legit powerjam with a 2-2 pack. The refs called a time out. Both jammers from the preceding jam were sentenced to the box, which means both teams got a jammer in what would become the final jam.

Beyatch takes a brief fall, Haught Wheels slows Hanley with a booty block and then … well here is the description of events as told by Hanley’s jammer referee, Roger Assaultrey:

“I saw Krissy Krash whiff on the hit (toward Hanley) and Haught Wheels ultimately being the skater whose contact blocked Hanley to the infield before she was able to complete her pass on Krissy Krash.  Haught Wheels was out of play and Hanley passed her on the infield, but Krash reset on the track before Hanley re-entered the track (which in WORD is having her second skate down) at the apex between turn one and two.  Krash may have contacted Hanley on the track, but the contact from Haught Wheels was the block that resulted in her going to the infield. So according to, Hanley doesn’t have to reset behind Haught Wheels because she fell after the block, but she still improved her position relative to Krash, who at the moment of re-entry was the foremost opposing blocker.”

And this is where we get into some banked track peculiarities. Because penalties are called after a jam has ended, if the last jam were played like the rest of the game, players could get away with anything. So there are special rules that only apply to jams which start within the last minute of the final quarter clock (of which the players were reminded before the game).

If a jammer gets a major penalty in a jam that starts within the last minute of the game, she loses her ability to call off the jam (lead jammer does not transfer to the other jammer unless she passes the leading jammer though), AND she loses the ability to score additional points. She basically is converted into a blocker who can lap the pack.

So when Hanley was called for the major track cut (with a whistle and standard referee hand signal), the jam became a defensive one for Team Legit.

The split second timing of the track cut and the fact that Krash was resetting at the time of the cut led to a delayed score announcement as the referees deliberated over the rules, and re-affirmed Assaultrey’s ruling. Lace got 4-0 for the Ri-Ettes for a final score of 133-127.

Top scoring jammers: Lace N’ Arsenic 45, Laguna Beyatch 36, Caitlin “Muffin” Krause 34, Long Island Lolita 28, Julie “Angela Death” Adams 26, Lu “Rice Rocket” Chen 25, Cecilia “Re-AnimateHer” Hanley 20.

Lineups for the game:
LADD Ri-Ettes: Ø Haught Wheels // 13 Tough Soles // 24 Eire Vengeance // 33 Lace N’ Arsenic // 41 LEGacy(Co) // 44.1 Amber Alert! // 51 Tara Armov(C) // 24/7 P.I.T.A. // 360 Krissy Krash // 516 Long Island Lolita // 981 V. Lee // 1-900 Bombshell Betty // AK-47 Titty Titty Bang Bang // OC Laguna Beyatch

Team Legit: 0 Tiana “Demanda Riot“ McGuire // 2 Leah “Georgia O’Grief“ Lesperance // 8 Yvonne “Goodie 2 Skates“ Van Vactor // 9 Laura “Amanda Jamitinya“ Mann // 12 Lacey “Carmen Getsome“ Evans // 19 Julie “Angela Death“ Adams // 26 Megan “Sara Problem“ Twibell // 31 Cecilia “Re-AnimateHer“ Hanley // 46 Karolina “Swede Hurt“ Berglof // 54 Amy “Daddy’s Girl“ Scott // 55 Erica “Miss E. Vil“ McGuire // 350 Caitlin “Muffin“ Krause // 3E8 Lu “Rice Rocket“ Chen //

Downloadable video archive (second half is actually the first “Mar 23th 2010″ archive). Last jam on the archive page starts at 10:16:35 (1:21:50 if you download).

W.O.R.D Banked Track Roller Derby Rules Version 1.3 (PDF)
Major cutting: See
Last Jam Major:, 7.6

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