Just Released Our Roller Derby Scoreboard 2.0!

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We decided that hitting 1.26 in our version number was a bit too high.  So we decided that with our next upgrade, we would bump it up to 2.0.  The scoreboard has only been around for a year or so, but we figured we should list some of our accomplishments.

  • The Hammer was just used at Mens World Cup and it provided the LIVE stats you might have seen online for the world.
  • The Hammer is being used by the State TV in Alaska to show derby games.
  • We have had well over 5,000 downloads and can actively see over 600 leagues are actively using the Hammer in their bouts.
  • The Hammer has been all around the world, in English, Spanish, Welsh, Japanese and to other parts of the world. http://zebras.rdnation.com/yaf_postst49_Places-the-RDNation-Scoreboard-has-been.aspx
  • We are being adopted by several leagues apart of WFTDA, USARS and MADE, but as well as RDCL for banked track.
  • The Hammer can now operate under 8 different rulesets.
  • Over 3,000 games have been uploaded to RDNation servers and can be see with all their stats online.

With this update, we added two more URL switches to the Video Overlay.  tsize and vertical.  tsize increases or decreases the font size.  vertical moves the overlay up and down the screen.

Thanks for enjoying our Roller Derby Scoreboard!


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