Jan Wicked

jan wicked

Derby Name: Jan Wicked
Derby Number: 319
What does your derby name mean to you? I was given my derby name by a dear friend, Jason McKinnon, back before I was a derby girl. I was just a kid that would show up to his shows (he’s a local Jacksonville DJ). He called me and my friends “The Wicked Crew” it was a play on Brunswick, my hometown. I was dubbed “Jan Wicked” in 2007 and it stuck. He is one of my best friends and skating under any other name wouldn’t make any sense to me at all.
Favorite Position: Blocker
How you found out about roller derby: I discovered roller derby when I was a tiny rink rat. We would watch old 1980’s television derby at the rink after hours and when I discovered modern flat track derby several years ago I know I wanted to try it, especially when I found out that wrestling an alligator wasn’t a requirement.
Date you started with Jacksonville RollerGirls: I started with the Jacksonville RollerGirls in July of 2014.
Favorite moment during a bout: My favorite moment during a bout is almost always half time, I usually take that time to think. The game moves so fast and that time in between halves is always important. I love the feedback from my skaters and friends, and I love hitting that track during the second half with a fresh head and killing it.
Favorite moment during an after party: My favorite part about the after party is when my dinner gets there. LOL I am always super hungry.
Favorite after party drink: WATER WATER WATER. I have diabetes so I don’t tend to drink heavily. I will throw back a few shots from time to time but I don’t like being sick. That is no way to celebrate!
Favorite bout you played in: My first large bout in a civic center. It was in Atlanta on my birthday. We had a locker room…it felt really legit.
What are your favorite skates? I have Riedell Wicked skates…it seemed meant to be. They are pretty awesome compared to what I started with.
What are your favorite wheels? I absolutely love my Backspin Revenge wheels. I wear a pusher set with different durometers to give myself an extra added boost around the track!
Do you have a derby wife? My first wife is from my old league and she’s one of my very best friends, Ashes Smashes. She’s on a break right now after having a derBABY. My Jacksonville boo is Naughty Nesha. We have never gotten officially married…we are kinda like common law Derby Wives. LOL
What should an opponent know about you? This game is my life and my passion. I will be in your face. I will hit you. I will block you. I will never relent. However, at the after party I will hug you, I will tell you how awesome you are, and I will thank you for all your hard hits because as a formidable opponent you make me better, stronger, and smarter.
What should your fans know about you? I thrive off the energy of the crowd. I love to hear people react when I deliver a hard hit.

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