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Our very own Caroline Worsell has been shortlisted for a Leicester Mercury Sports Award in the active for life category. She’ll be attending the awards ceremony on January 15th 2015 at the Leicester tigers stadium, alongside other Leicester sporting heroes.

Taking up roller derby gave Caroline the motivation and confidence to change her lifestyle. Surrounding herself with like minded individuals and making life long decisions for a healthier, more active lifestyle. She’s currently lost an incredible 36.3kg and can actively participate in team training sessions. Roller derby gave her a reason and purpose to live a healthier life style, and as such has increased her life expectancy and decreased her medical problems. Caroline is an inspiration to many others looking to get involved in sport who feel they don’t fall into the stereotypical category of athlete, proving the motivational impact sport can have on your life and encourages others to make the changes she has.

In her own words

“Having never been nominated, let alone short listed for an award of this calibre there are many ways to describe how I’m feeling. Firstly, I feel honoured that RDL put a nomination forward for me. Having the support of my League behind me really helps boost my motivation along my journey. Knowing that this is being recognised makes me feel fantastic and that I am doing something worthwhile for a change – instead of spending my time sitting on the couch! On the other side of the coin I also feel excited, nervous & scared about the whole situation!

The thought of being in the spotlight if I was lucky enough to win the award is the part that scares me and makes me nervous, however the prospect that I could win the award makes me realise how much I have a already achieved since I started my journey in 2013. Sometimes, you get lost along your journey and stray from the right path but this helps put things back into perspective. Recognition for personal achievements will mean a lot to anybody – but it means more to me having overcome so many obstacles, weight loss and muscular injuries.

Having everyone’s support along the way is something I will always be grateful for. Without this support from my family, friends and League I doubt I would have achieved as much as I have in such a short space of time.”

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