Inventory Tracking Released!

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What ever equipment your league has, I know you need to track it.  Some leagues have a locker or storage unit, but most leagues keep things in multiple places with multiple people.  Think laptops, projectors, clip boards, whiteboards, extra skates, wheels and maybe even a court floor that gets moved around.

Well I am happy to announce that you can do all that tracking within RDNation.  Track physical objects now from within RDNation.  The items you can track are limitless, but what parts of each item can be tracked is as follows.
  1. Serial Number of the Item.
  2. Name of the Item
  3. Unit Price
  4. Location - anywhere in the world or even at someone’s house.
  5. Quantity
  6. Notes about the item.
We also added a new permission for inventory tracking, so not anyone can track the leagues inventory.  Inventory Tracking can be found under the MY LEAGUE menu.

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