Introducing Our Newest Angels, Part 1

Earlier this month 4 more cherubs gained their wings and became a part of the Durham City Rolling Angels travel team!  Now they’ve recovered from the graduation partying, here’s what they had to say:

Left to Right: Tomb Roller, Tarascan Terror, Squeak, Helluva Hit

Left to Right: Tomb Roller, Tarascan Terror, Squeak, Helluva Hit

Helluva Hit

My first practice I was terrified, I looked at all of these brilliant skaters who looked like their wheels were part of them and thought I would never be as good, but I also saw their smiles and realised I had made the perfect choice. After a few weeks things started to click. There were things I found really easy but others that were near impossible. Getting advice from the Angels, commitment to coming to as many practices and sheer determination made me push myself to give even more effort, until those difficult things were starting to fall into place too. Despite hurting, bruises, falls and frustration I had never had as much fun or sense of achievement. Getting my wings was one of the best things I have ever done and was done for just me. I hope to continue learning and improving. I still look around the room and see all of these great skaters and hope to be like them someday but I also see how far I have come and hope that other (newer) skaters will one day look at me in the same way. I aim to continue practising, improving and learning new skills. I’m very proud to be an Angel and hope to do the Angels proud!

Tomb Roller

It’s taken just under a year and two intakes to get my wings, but I am now finally an Angel. It’s so exciting, and talk about the 11th hour! I passed my min skills on the morning of graduation! Thanks for pushing me so hard, fellow Angels. Although I still don’t feel like a boss on 8-wheels all of the time, it definitely gives you the boost to say, “yeh, I can do this!” I may be an Angel now, but I still have a long way to go. Next Challenge: Bouts! Don’t give up Cherubs, get up again, and get back into the pack!
Tomb Roller out!


Tomb Roller eating her certificate…



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