Independence Day Q&A with Kenbo Slice of Team USA

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It’s July 4th and in the United States most people are celebrating the day with fireworks and hot dogs. We thought we would bring you a short Q&A with Kenneth “Kenbo Slice” Austin from the New York Shock Exchange and the Men’s Team USA roster as the Men’s  World Cup draws near.

On July 21st, 21 teams will gather in Calgary for the second edition of the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup. From Thursday through Sunday games will be played on 2 tracks with games on the first 2 days running just 30 minutes, while games on Saturday and Sunday will all be full length. For more information, check out the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup page.

How long have you played derby and what position do you play? 

It will be the start of my 4th year at the beginning of October. October 5th to be exact. I play any and every position needed. I just want my team to win ya know? It’s the rush of being on the track, whether it’s scoring points or making life rough for a jammer. It’s all about the success on the track!

Tell me about playing on a team with a bunch of men from around the country compared to playing on NYSE?

You know, it’s definitely different between Team USA and NYSE, but the way the team clicked at practice, insane! Most times you think a superstar team with the many different egos or play styles wouldn’t work, but it happened. Team USA practice was hard! The walls were cohesive, offense on point, and the jammers were deadly! With Team USA we only had one practice where as with NYSE we have 2 a week. I can’t imagine what USA would be like if we had 2 a week!

What keeps you guys cohesive? 

The cohesiveness is there due to everyone dropping the differences. There was no “he is a Gatekeeper” or “he plays for Your Mom.” We were there for USA, to represent USA to the fullest. We’ve realized that being together will win us the Gold. Plus as a group we all get along too!

USA won the cup handily last time, how do you think it will go this time?

Well the competition will definitely be looking to dethrone us. The field is larger this year and many teams have been able to get practices in. It will make for an exciting week of games! I think this time around it will be harder, but we are going to do our best to deliver the Gold and repeat!

Check out the full Team USA roster below, and revisit their 30 minute game against the Big O MVPs.

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