InARRGuration game!

We are excited to announce that the Auld Reekie Roller Girls Intraleague Home Season for 2015 is being held at a new time! As our loyal fans will know, for the past three years we have run our Home Season from January – April. However, 2014 has seen our league take on a lot of new directions as we continue to grow, not only in number but in standing in the roller derby world. In the past year, we have gone from being ranked #103 with WFTDA to being #60 in the world. That’s right, our wee Scottish team are the 60th best in the WORLD! We are super proud of what we have achieved. We plan to continue this until we are #1, so we’ve made some changes and moved some things around – and that includes our Home Season! So, exciting… we will now have our Home Season from September – November 2015! Keep a look out for dates which will be announced later next year.

Because this means we have a whole batch of amazing new rookie skaters who are having to wait a little bit longer to show off their skills in public, we are super excited to announce that we will be holding our first ever InARRGuration game on November 30th! This is a closed game – friends and family of skaters only – but our whole league will be out in force to cheer on our new guys! The skaters who are making ARRG history have been teamed up as follows:

Bruiser Black #369
Cirque du Slay #23
Comet Sans #88
emKa #17
Harlot Bronte #303
Hex #71
Klara #14
Lannthrax #92 (New Town Roller Girls)
Major Vengeance #1984
Pummela #321
Shamonster #123
Trojan Virus #526
McSpeedy #145
Rage More #96

Bench – Chasing Katy
LUM – Bint Imperial

Bacon Roll #4
Ba Humbug #0131
Bunsen BurnHer #61
Coco Schnell – #39 (Newcastle Roller Girls)
Calamity Pain #808
Diamond Slayher #10
Jammy Mammie #333
Khal JoJo – #H2O (Newcastle Roller Girls)
Looney Tunes #148
Mairi #99
Pukeahontas #92
Roxy Rebel # 31F (Fierce Valley Roller Girls)
Teapot Rebellion #24
Tank Girl #46

Bench – DeeDee
LUM – Shiv

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