In Remembrance of Dr. Kim Lyle

When the All Stars and Ped Maulers take to the track this Saturday, you may notice a few of the changes we mentioned before, but in addition to our shiny new uniforms, you will see a little logo on the back of our helmets. It is of a little green Cthulhu monster to commemorate a very special man who passed away last summer, and as one of the biggest contributors to OCCRD, we want to show our appreciation to Kim Lyle’s memory.

Kim Lyle grew up in the small town of Haverhill, Iowa, and worked hard to put himself through the University of Northern Iowa, and then the University of Iowa, to become a children’s psychiatrist. He was also a comedian, a musician, a singer, a poet, and a wordsmith. He was an animal lover who strongly believed in rescuing pets, and a huge supporter of animal rescue groups. He adopted many during his lifetime, and at the time of his death his companions were his standard poodle, Chardonnay and his cats Puddy and Kenny.  Kim was a wonderful, compassionate and funny man, and will be dearly missed by his family, friends, and pets.

As a feminist, he recognized how the sport of roller derby champions the strength, diversity, and empowerment of women. Because of this, he decided to generously donate to OCCRD, and through his kindness, we were finally able to apply for non-profit status. One of the biggest challenges to becoming a 501(c)(3) is the cost and endless paperwork. The league was formerly under Fiona Johnson and Kimberly Hendricks, who helped start the team in 2008, and became owners of OCCRG (the LLC) the following year. With our new OCCRD organization, the team is owned by its members, and now as skaters come and go, the organization is able to sustain itself. Incorporation puts the non-profit’s mission and structure above the personal interests of individuals within it.

cthulhu-2Kim Lyle was an avid science fiction and comic book reader, and had a particular fondness for monsters, with his favorite creation being H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu.  As a loved one of a team member, and a friend to the OCCRD, we will be wearing a sticker of the Cthulhu on our helmets this season. It represents Kim and his love of imagination, his intense compassion, and his boundless creativity.

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