How Roller Derby can improve your overall fitness?

or the age old argument, do you get fit to play derby or play derby to get fit?

Here at Durham Roller Derby we are all on a bit of a mission to get more Hench. Which made us ask, when did the change occur. When did Roller Derby become the thing we needed to be fitter for, when in the beginning (for most, if not all of us) it was the thing that we started in order to get fit.

For me personally the change happened when all of our skating improved – It seems as though as your skills and those of your team-mates increase your need to be fitter increases – that’s what gives you the edge. The ability to push harder, skate for longer and generally be stronger makes you a better player.

But for all of us (I think) this isn’t how it starts. When you first try-out for Roller Derby it’s generally because you want to either add to your fitness regime or because it seems like a fun thing to do to get fit – and the team part of it is a bonus to keep you motivated.

Learning alongside other skaters at a similar rate does forge bonds, they saw you when you literally couldn’t roll forwards, when falls, whips and pushes were scary – basically when you were being Bambi on wheels. The WFTDA minimum skills gives you something to aim for, an achievable goal, so while your focusing on that the other things (like getting fitter) sort of trundle alongside.

All of our skaters have their own personal stories and journeys that Roller Derby has forged for them, whether it was to deal with anxiety, get fit, gain confidence, or just try something new. That could be you in [insert number] months time (after try-outs), who would want to give up on a opportunity to become part of something like that?

Here at Durham Roller Derby we can offer a supportive environment for you to achieve whatever your journey starts off being about, and also teach you to play Roller Derby competitively along the way.

Start that journey now – send us an email to register for try-outs:

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