Honouring One of Our Own

sinSin Amen Whip (#10)
Started derby in: 2010
Teams played on: Death Stars, Sisters of Anarchy, Pulp Vixens
Preferred positions: Blocker, Pivot

We’d like to honour a recently retired Northside Roller. Sin Amen Whip was a founding member of NSR, and also served as the league’s President for its first two years. She was a Death Star from the team’s beginning, playing as a smiling jammer, a fierce blocker and a confident pivot; she also played for both of our home teams.

Unsurprisingly for one of our most experienced skaters, Sin has been awarded Most Valuable Player numerous times – including for the Death Stars’ 2011 game against Bendigo, when she was the jammer for the very last jam of the game and secured the Death Stars’ first-ever victory. She played in over 30 bouts for NSR; if you include two Vagine Regime tournaments and various potluck games, she retires with more than 40 bouts to her name.

Sin has also been an integral part of the league as a coach and a mentor. She’s served on our Coaching Committee since 2013 and was instrumental in developing our comprehensive coaching and assessment program to help train the Northside Rollers of the future.

Few people in this league love this game as much – or know it as well – as Sin Amen Whip, and we will all miss her presence on the track immensely. But even though she is retiring from bouting, Sin will stay on as a valued member of NSR, coaching our developing skaters and bench-managing the Death Stars at the TGSS tournament in Adelaide next month.

Thank you, Sin Amen Whip, for inspiring and encouraging all of us at Northside – as a coach and a leader, as a skater and a teammate, and most of all, as a friend.

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