Homecoming isn’t just for high school anymore

The Mitten Mavens spent the weekend doing something we rarely get to do, enjoying time OFF the track together. The first ever Mavens homecoming was a huge success. We celebrated our new skaters with some awesome awards, dined in our finest at Claddaugh's Irish Pup, and hit up the dancefloor of Bar 30 later in the evening! We even got to show off our Gangnam skills during flash mob at Bar 30. Only in roller derby…..

Winners of this year's homecoming were:

Standard Deviant – Maven Pride Award
Shellaya Out – Keep on Truckin' Award
Granny Panties- Down and Derby Award
Danger Ross- Wheels on Fire Award
D-Town Diva – Spread the Love Award

Aside from those awarded, we recognized all of those who joined our league and have helped us grow!

Here are some other pictures from the night!

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