Home Teams have arrived for the Maine Roller Derby 2015 season!

Welcome to the Maine Roller Derby 2015 season! This season we are introducing Home Teams, which are made up entirely of Maine Roller Derby skaters who compete against each other at home rather than traveling or playing opponents from other leagues. Home Teams have allowed Maine Roller Derby to take a talented pool of skaters and provide more opportunities for them to compete in front of our local fans. In short, more roller derby!  More chances to get to know your local teams! More fun! The teams and faces are familiar, but our newest Fresh Muscle have been drafted and are itching to compete with and against our veteran skaters.

The 2015 Home Team season will feature the Calamity Janes and the R.I.P.Tides as equal adversaries. The R.I.P. Tides, formerly Maine Roller Derby’s C-team and The Calamity Janes, formerly Maine Roller Derby’s B-team will face off in the first of many contests this season. The team rosters have been set, the logos have been revitalized, and the atmosphere is going to be electric when these teams hit the track! Join us for what’s sure to be a historic year in Maine Roller Derby history.

“Maine Roller Derby is thrilled to bring the home teams concept to our fans,” says returning veteran skater Spry Icicle, “home teams allow for more frequent games and a chance for our fans to really engage with their local teams! Home teams challenge all skill-levels of skaters, creating an electric atmosphere for each match up. Many other leagues around the world enjoy very successful home teams. We’re very excited to introduce this for the 2015 season!”

Fans can expect to see some of their favorite skaters from last year’s Port Authorities, Calamity Janes and R.I.P. Tides on the new rosters and some new faces as well! We have such incredible and dedicated fans who are excited to come and watch our games. The great thing about home teams is that now the newest members to Maine Roller Derby don’t have to wait as long for their loved ones to see them compete,” says Sparrowhawk, “Our fresh muscle skaters are now full-fledged members of our home teams and ready to show the world what they can do!”

Buy your tickets here for our February 7th game!

AND stay tuned for the unveiling of the roster for our 2015 WFTDA All-Star Travel Team, The Port Authorities! Our travel team competes at home and away against other internationally-ranked all-star teams in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.

Maine Roller Derby!

Photos by: Megan Dichter


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