Hell's Belles take a 1 point victory over the Manic Attackers

Written by: T. Wrecks

In the closest bout we’ve seen yet this season, both the Hell’s Belles and the Manic Attackers brought their A-game. By Jam 7, the score remained close, with the Belles in the lead, 28 to 13. With Zombea Arthur, KillJoy, and Pish Posh (with a nice assist from Legal Tenderizer) taking the lead in the next few jams, the Belles upped their lead point by point, heading into Jam 12 with a solid point differential and a dangerous power jam for KillJoy. After a little trouble from the Manic Attackers’ Bork Bork Bork, KillJoy takes lead and brings the score to Hell’s Belles- 53 and the Manic Attckers- 20. The Manics began to close the point gap thanks to jammers Cuban Miss Elle, Mia Go Hamm, and Bork Bork Bork, which brings the score to Belles- 64 and Manics- 43 at the end of Jam 19. Jam 21 brings a power jam for the Manics’ Mia Go Hamm, and after a successful apex jump, ties the score at 67. After a team time out, Zombea scores a power jam for the Belles, getting a good assist from Baberaham Lincoln in the process. After a grand slam from KillJoy in Jam 27, the score is Hell’s Belles-95 to the Manic Attackers- 72 going into half time.

In the first jam of the second half, Manic Attacker Jan Trainor gets lead jammer, but is forced to call it off with no points scored. With power jams for Zombea and Pish Posh in the next two jams, the Belles extend their lead 101-72. Jam 6 finds jammers KillJoy and Trainor neck-and-neck, and the Manics get back into the game with 86 to the Belles’ 101. Mia Go Hamm gets yet another power jam in Jam 7, and despite some heavy hits, brings the Manics to 100, declaring this a one-point game. Manics take the lead in Jam 10, with Trainor bringing the score to 106 vs. the Belles’ 103. Jam 13 ties the game yet again at 110, and Zoe Trocious takes the jam line to chants from the crowd. She gets lead, Tay Q. Down goes to the penalty box as the Belles’ jammer, and Zoe scores 12 more points for the Manics. howie-rollson_HB After pile-ups on turn #1 and the Manics having a full penalty box during Jam 20, the score is still in Manics’ favor- 141 to the Belles’ 138. After a back-and-forth penalty-heavy jam 21 (with both jammers taking turns in the box and struggling against blockers), Hell’s Belles take the lead again, 159 to 154.

After a star-pass by Cuban to Bork, and some hard hits on KillJoy from Beth Amphetamine, it is again a one-point game at the end of Jam 24, Belles in the lead 163-162. A time out is called with minutes left in the bout, and both teams get back on the track determined to end this game in their favor. Both jammers struggle with the pack as time ticks away, and KillJoy is declared lead for the Belles. She calls the jam, leaving the final score Hell’s Belles- 167 to the Manic Attackers- 166. In an uncommon move, the Player of the Game is given to Howie Rollson (pictured right), bench coach for the Belles. His acceptance speech is fairly straight forward; “Just win.”

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