Hell's Belles finish the season undefeated and take the Ivy King Cup

If you didn’t make it to the final bout of the home season last Saturday night, we’ve got you covered! UIC Pavilion was packed with fans ready to watch The Fury take on the Hell's Belles in the game that both teams have been working towards all season long.

11096615_10152801834415897_1988714152963749343_nIt was pretty clear during the team intros that the Hell’s Belles brought a huge cheering section, but that didn’t shake up The Fury. Jam 1 pinned Killjoy (Belles) against Hat Trixxxie (Fury), with Killjoy out of the pack first. Trixxxie was close behind and managed to get a quick power jam when Killjoy picked up a track cut, and the score was 9-5 in the Belles’ favor at the whistle. Zombea Arthur and Pish Posh took lead jammer in jams 2 and 3, with some great screening by the Belles blockers. The Belles upped their lead to 26-5, but jam 6 found T.S. Helliot (Fury) as lead jammer, despite some huge hits from blocker Tay Q. Down (Belles). T.S. scored an additional 4 points, bringing the score to 34-9. Jam 8 featured a nice apex jump from Trixxxie, and at the end of jam 10, the score was 51-16 in favor of the Belles. In jam 11, The Fury decided to switch it up, with their blockers taking the pivot line as a four-wall, which seemed to work in their favor; T.S. took lead and Killjoy headed to the box. T.S. put some points on the board with her power jam, and brought the score to 53-21 for the Belles.

10475802_10152801834305897_59625099823960480_nJam 12 found Mah-Ko wearing the star for the first time during the bout, and she scored 3 more points for The Fury before calling it. Jule B. Sorry took lead jammer in jam 16, and a fumbled Hell’s Belles star pass on turn 3 of the track (as well as a back block penalty on jammer Zombea Arthur) helped her close the point gap, 57-47 at the whistle. The next jam featured another apex jump by Trixxxie, as well as some fancy footwork, and the score ended at 76-61, with the Belles still in the lead. Killjoy took lead jammer over Mah-Ko in jam 22, despite a nice hit from Fury blocker SpartaKris, and the score was a close 78-76 at the jam’s end. Jule had some difficulty against Belles blocker Trouble Helix in the following jam, but two of the blockers went to the box for penalties. Despite the Belles starting the last jam of the half down two blockers, Killjoy still took lead and brought the score to 89-80.

That must have been some locker room speech for the Belles, because they came into the second half ready to battle, bringing the score to 110-84 by jam 2. Some great blocking by Belles Legal Tenderizer and Phoebe Fi Fo Fum helped their jammers up the lead by another 6 points, and jammers Killjoy and Pish Posh brought the score to 131-84 at jam 5. Belles blocker Abita! Down forced a track cut on T.S. Helliot, and Killjoy took advantage of the power jam opportunity. The end of jam 10 brought the score to 169-95 in the Belles’ favor, and despite Jule taking lead in the next jam, she only added 4 points to The Fury’s score. T.S. went to the box in jam 13, and Pish Posh was left to fight against Fury blockers Lass Erator and SpartaKris. Belles blocker Dawn Ting did a nice job of opening up the wall for her jammer, bringing the score to 179-99. Trixxxie went to the box for a track cut in jam 17, and Pish attempted to call the jam even though there was no lead. Trixxxie passed the star to pivot SpartaKris, who jammed for the first time during the evening. Tay Q. Down fouled out, and the Belles upped their lead 199-112.

1610906_10152801834865897_4377857924830605335_nJam 18 found Jule taking the outside to pick up lead, and Mah-Ko fouled out of the game. Great offense by the Belles blockers for jammer Zombea Arthur brought the score to 219-116, with T.S. Helliot going to the penalty box twice. With 5:20 to go in the bout, the Belles started the next jam unopposed on the line. SpartaKris forced a track cut on Killjoy, and The Fury brought their score to 130 to the the Belles’ 219. With two minutes left in the bout, Zombea picked up four more points for the Belles. The final jam sent T.S. Helliot to the box, and Phoebe Fi Fo Fum closed out the night with a full two minute jam. The score at the end was 245-151, with the Belles taking the Ivy King Cup.

It was an emotional night for both teams, with many of their players retiring and playing their final bout. Phoebe Fi Fo Fum was named the Player of the Game, stating that “it feels amazing, and it’s been a long time.” Both teams played their hearts out, and we wish the best of luck to those skaters retiring from the game, relocating or going travel-team-only.

Thanks to the fans for coming to support our home season this year, and we will keep you posted on our travel bouts!10384912_10152801835020897_730467877492505314_n

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