Heartland Series Day 5: Brawds vs Bombshells!

Brawds Short Circuit, Slammin' Siren, and NoTorious

Photo credit to Daz Wilson

Originally posted at the Norfolk Brawds site.

The Norfolk Brawds have reclaimed third place in the South East division of the Heartland Series following a tremendous win over the Bourne Bombshells this weekend in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. The win casts the Brawds as the comeback queens of the Heartlands, with their losses earlier in the season against Big Bucks and the Concrete Cows meaning many were predicting the Bombshells to take the game. The final score was 201-73 to the Brawds, who are eager to replicate the results in their final Heartland Series game against Hell’s Belles in November.

The Brawds opened the game strong with a heavy defensive strategy, focusing their four-wall on the Bombshells’ jammer and leaving their own jammers to push through the pack solo. Veteran Brawd jammers Colletteral Damage and Philthy Delphia used their strength and agility to manoeuvre through the pack, while Cruel Runnings, wearing the star for the first time, used her experience as a blocker to power through Bourne’s defences. The Brawds’ blockers alternated defensive strategies to keep Bourne on their toes, switching between strong positional blocking and heavy hits each jam, helping the team to end the first half with a hard-earned lead of 97-27.

The second half began with a solid attack from the Bourne Bombshells who, with a string of strategic blocking, were able to force cut-track penalties on the Brawds’ jammers and begin to close the gap in the scores. The Brawds, however, were able to recover and push their score higher. Heavy hits from the likes of NoTorious and Teki Bomb coupled with the track-covering, momentum-stealing blocking of Kelly KaPOWski, Slammin’ Siren, and SinSarahty meant that the Bourne jammers were working extra hard for every point scored. As the game neared its conclusion, a time-out was called simultaneously by both teams’ bench coaches, ensuring one final jam. Bourne’s jammer escaped the pack first, but was chased down by Colletteral Damage, whose two points scored before the whistle blew pushed the Brawds over the 200-point mark.

At the end of the game, the Bourne Bombshells named Short Circuit as Best Blocker, Colletteral Damage as Best Jammer, and Philthy Delphia as Most Valuable Player. The Brawds would like to thank the Bourne Bombshells for a thrilling game, and send well-wishes to Seoul Destroyer, who was injured during the bout. Get well soon!

The Norfolk Brawds next game is on September 27th in Norwich against the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls’ B-Team, the Crucibelles. Click here for the Facebook event page. Their next game of the Heartland Series will be on November 1st, against Hertfordshire Rollergirls’ Hell’s Belles. Details to be announced when finalised. We hope to see you there!

Photo credit to Daz Wilson


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