Heartland Havoc: Day One


Heartland Havoc: Day One

Windy City Blows Past Atlanta, 106 – 77
Detroit Edges Boston in Overtime Thriller, 104 – 99
Powerhouse Gotham Boots Grand Raggidy, 206 – 47
Providence Expels Host Ohio, 126 – 99

(t7) Windy City 106, (t10) Atlanta 77

Chicago’s Windy City Rollers were victorious in the first match of the WFTDA Eastern Regionals, knocking off #10 seed Atlanta Rollergirls 106 to 77.

#7 seed Windy City controlled this game from the beginning, taking a 15-11 lead on Jam 3 on the back of a sparkling jam from Eva Dead and then proceeding to shut out Atlanta for the next three jams to make the score Windy City 24, Atlanta 11. Late in the first period, Atlanta got a big scoring chance when Windy City started short due to a blocker not getting on the track on time, followed quickly by both WCR jammer Koka Loka and another WCR blocker getting sent to the box on fourth minors. Atlanta’s Wheelin’ Jennings got Atlanta’s most lopsided score of the period on that jam, putting up a 9-0 to narrow the score to Windy City 37, Atlanta 28. Unfortunately for Atlanta, the tables were immediately turned on the following jam, when Atlanta jammer Belle of the Brawl went to the box and Koka Loka, freed from her previous imprisonment, racked up 8 points to nearly erase Atlanta’s comeback. The period ended on the next jam, making the score at the end of the first 45-28 for Windy City.

Atlanta went nearly point-for-point with Windy City for the first five jams of the second period, but imposing Windy City jammer Megan Formor blasted through the Atlanta defense on a power play to score a 10-0 over Demi Gore, who spent the majority of the jam in the penalty box. That brought the score to Windy City 65, Atlanta 39, and a tired Atlanta team slowly lost more ground throughout the period, which ended 86-48 for Windy City.

Windy City spent the first three jams of the third period with their jammers repeatedly going to the penalty box, allowing Atlanta to put together an impressive 20-2 run that made the score 88-68, but the southern girls stalled out as the period went on, unable to keep up their run against remarkably effective blocking from Windy City’s Megan Formor and Anne Putation. In the end, Windy City won a convincing victory to kick off the Heartland Havoc 106 to 77.

Windy City advances to face the #1 seed, Madison, in the opening game of the second round — Saturday at 1pm.

(t9) Detroit 104, (t8) Boston 99 (OT)

In a nearly perfectly matched bout that featured numerous lead changes and a literally last-second effort to tie the bout in the final instants of regulation, the 9th-seeded Detroit Derby Girls needed overtime to squeak past the 8th-seeded Boston Massacre, 104 to 99.

From the beginning of this bout, it was clear that it’d be a tight contest — Boston’s Sarah Doom gave the Massacre a quick 4-0 lead with a win over Rock Candy, but the lead immediately switched hands when Racer McChaseher went 9-0 over Maura Buse. Detroit was then clinging to a small lead for the rest of the period. On Jam 5, Boston’s Claire D. Way momentarily tied it up at 20 by going 4-0 over Detroit’s Killbox, but two jams later, Detroit’s Rock Candy got two grand slams over Maura Buse to give Detroit their biggest lead of the bout at 32-22. Boston kept chipping away at that lead, though, and the period ended with Detroit just 4 points ahead of the Massacre, 36 to 32.

Detroit would only be able to hold on to their lead for the first two jams of the second period, and then Boston’s Maura Buse tied it up at 44 with a 8-0 jam over Summers Eve-L. With Summers stuck in the box to start the next jam, Boston team captain Sarah Doom then dropped two grand slams on Detroit for a 10-0 jam that gave Boston their biggest lead of the bout at 54-44. At that point Detroit seemed to switch strategies, relying almost exclusively on Racer McChaseher and Cookie Rumble at the jammer line for the rest of the period. It paid off, with Detroit grabbing lead jammer on 4 out of the last 6 jams of the period and closing to within just one point at 63-62 before Boston’s Sarah Doom gave the Massacre a little bit of daylight with a 5-0 jam over Cookie Rumble to close the half, putting Boston up 68-62.

Boston managed to fight off the Detroit attack through the majority of the third period. Detroit managed to momentarily grab a one-point lead with about 13 minutes to go at 78-77, but Sarah Doom spearheaded a 14-5 Boston run that made the score Boston 92, Detroit 83 with about 6 minutes left to play. However, that was when Massacre’s jammer Sarah Doom took an unfortunately timed trip to the penalty box and Detroit’s Honey Suckit navigated her way through a very strung-out pack to pick up 11 points (two of them grand slams on Doom), giving Detroit the slimmest of leads at 93-92. Detroit’s Racer McChaseher followed that up with a 2-1 win over Maura Buse, which moved the score to Detroit 95, Boston 93 with about three minutes left on the clock. With the next two jams ending 0-0 as Detroit lead jammers protected the lead, it came down to Boston’s Sarah Doom against Detroit’s Racer McChaseher on the jam line with only about a minute left to play and only two points separating the teams. It was Detroit’s Racer McChaseher who got off the line first and looked ready to break the pack and get a win-sealing lead jammer call, but she picked up a fourth minor for cutting track just as she exited on her opening pass, earning a trip to the penalty box and driving an already uproarious crowd into a genuine frenzy. With Sarah Doom jamming unopposed, the only question was whether she could begin scoring before time expired, and as the announcers counted down the remaining ticks on the clock, Doom finally reached the pack, passed one blocker legally, passed another out of bounds, and tumbled past another just as time expired — earning 2 points and sending the game into overtime.

In the overtime jam, it was Maura Buse who lined up unopposed for Boston, but Racer McChaseher’s penalty was almost over, and Racer exploded out of the penalty box to break the pack before Maura could. The Detroit defense made a stalwart stand, allowing Racer to lap Maura, and at the end of the full two minutes, Racer had scored 9 points to Maura’s 4, giving Detroit a dramatic win in what was easily the most thrilling bout of the opening day.

Detroit’s win gets them a second-round date with the #2 tournament seed, Minnesota, Saturday at 3:30pm.


(t5) Gotham 206, (t11) Grand Raggidy 47

In the third game of Heartland Havoc’s opening round, #5 seed Gotham Girls Roller Derby came storming down from New York to convincingly dispatch the #11 seed, Grand Rapids’ Grand Raggidy Roller Girls, 206-47.

Gotham was out of the gate on fire, getting lead jammer on each of the first five jams and shutting out Grand Raggidy on four of those jams — only Grand Raggidy’s Jackie Daniels was able to put up any points for the Michigan girls. With only 10 minutes gone in the game, it was already a lopsided 41-4 advantage for Gotham. Grand Raggidy attempted to stop the onslaught with a timeout, but things simply weren’t going to turn their way. Gotham continued to run riot through the Grand Raggidy defense — exemplified by a 14-1 jam from Suzy Hotrod over a penalized Mira Maheiney – and it wasn’t till the very last jam of the period, a 8-4 for Gotham’s Beatrix “Bunny” Slaughter over Jackie Daniels, that Grand Raggidy managed to break into double digits. The period ended with near-complete dominance for the Big Apple girls, who got lead jammer status on nine out of the period’s ten jams in the course of putting up a score of Gotham 78, Grand Raggidy 12.

Grand Raggidy came out stronger in the second period, managing to get lead jammer status on the period’s first three jams, but they could only stay even with Gotham for so long. Throughout the middle of the second period, Gotham kept putting up double-digit jams — a 13-1 for Suzy Hotrod over Mira Maheiney, a 13-4 for Beatrix Slaughter over Dot Matrix, a 10-0 for Brigette Barhot over a penalized Make Ya Dizzy LIzzy and a final 13-0 for Bonnie Thunders on the same penalty — that pushed the Gotham lead to over 100 as time wound down in the period. In the last few jams, Grand Raggidy tossed out a secret weapon, twice putting in blocker Javelin as a jammer. While she was only able to put up 2 points for Grand Raggidy, she impressed the crowd with surprisingly agile cuts that gave her lead jammer both times and kept Gotham from putting any more points on the board. As the period ended, Gotham was up by a whopping 101 points, 138 to 37.

Gotham had no intention of taking their foot off the gas in the third period, once again ruling the lead jammer battle and playing an even tougher defense against an increasingly exhausted Grand Raggidy squad. The final period saw the best Gotham defense of the whole bout, with Grand Raggidy only putting 10 points on the board before being shut out for the last ten minutes of the game. Meanwhile, Gotham’s jammers, led by Cheap Skate, Suzy Hotrod and Beatrix Slaughter, managed to push Gotham’s score over the double-century mark. While Grand Raggidy’s skaters gamely pushed on till the end, they were consistently outplayed by the girls from New York and the final score reflected it — Gotham 206, Grand Raggidy 47.

Gotham now goes on to face #4 Philly in one of the most anticipated matches of Heartland Havoc, with the winner of that match earning a trip to the national tournament in September — that game will take place Saturday at 6pm.

(t6) Providence 126, (t12) Ohio 99

In the final game of the tournament’s first round, host and bottom seed Ohio put up an impressive fight against 6th seed Providence, with only a rough first period keeping the Ohio girls from putting together what would have been a tremendous upset. As it was, Providence rolled to victory 126 to 99.

The game opened up as a rather close contest, with Ohio jumping out to a early 3-1 lead on Jam 2 when Foxy Force Five got lead jammer and outraced Providence’s Dasilva Bullet. Dolly Rocket got the lead back for Providence on the following jam, picking up a grand slam over Barracuda to move the score to Providence 6, Ohio 3. The teams traded jam wins for the next two jams, and then Providence finally found their rhythm, going on a 16-2 run to establish a more solid lead at 24-10. Ohio’s sleek Foxy Force Five again got her team a crucial jam win with a 3-0 over Crazy Dukes, but the period ended on a tough set of three jams for the home team, with Ohio jammer Luna Impact getting sent to the penalty box and allowing Providence jammer Dasilva Bullet to drop a 9-0 on Ohio, followed by a 2-0 for Crazy Dukes on the same penalty. While the period ended on a 4 to 4 jam between Ohio’s Pippi Ripyastockings and Providence’s Baby Fighterfly, Providence was threatening to gain permanent control of the game as the period ended with the score Providence 43, Ohio 18.

Ohio spent the majority of the second period making crowd-pleasing inroads into the Providence lead, only to give them up with strategic errors. Andie Warhaulass led the charge for the Ohio jammers as the period opened, consistently beating out or outscoring her opposing jammers in three of the first five jams and helping to narrow the Providence lead to 20 points, 53-33, with about 12 minutes to play in the period. On the period’s 7th jam, Ohio’s Barracuda got lead jammer while Providence jammer Crazy Dukes remained stuck on her opening pass, and the quick and wily Barracuda took full advantage of Providence’s focus on helping their jammer, sneaking through a sleeping defense to put up a grand slam. Still, though, that jam proved indicative of Ohio’s strategic errors, as Barracuda made it through one more time for another 4 points but failed to call off the jam before Crazy Dukes could finally add 3 of her own. After that jam, the score stood at Providence 60, Ohio 45, and Providence sent out their most dangerous jammer, Dolly Rocket, to try and recapture the momentum. While Dolly sliced through the pack with her normal insouciance and called it after one scoring pass, Ohio jammer Andie Warhaulass was right behind her, and the jam ended 4-4. Providence had more arrows in the quiver, though, and their jammers Cleopatronize and Dasilva Bullet cleaned up on a Hellion Boi trip to the penalty box. Cleo went 8-0 and Bullet went 5-0, and suddenly Ohio was back in a 24 point hole, 79 to 55. As the period ended, Foxy Force Five, jamming unopposed for the Ohio ladies, picked up 3 points and made the score Providence 83, Ohio 61.

The home crowd was clearly still hoping for a comeback as the final period started, but Providence wasted little time in sinking those hopes. The first jam of the period ended early when Ohio’s ThaDevil experienced a truck explosion that left two wheels on her skates and two wheels rolling across the track, but Crazy Dukes still had time to put up a 4-0 over Andie Warhaulass, and with Andie in the box to start the next jam, piled a 11-0 on top of that one to make the score Providence 98, Ohio 61. While Ohio followed this up by putting together an impressive collection of lead jammer jams — five in a row — they weren’t able to convert them into solid gains, only picking up 2 or 3 points on each jam. While Ohio once again stayed nearly even with Providence throughout the period — they scored 38 points to Providence’s 43 — the lopsided 1st period kept the Ohio girls from ever getting quite within striking distance. The final score after 60 minutes was Providence 126, Ohio 99.

In Saturday’s final game of the second round, Providence will get a rematch with 3rd seed Carolina, who defeated them in June, 104-68. The action kicks off at 8:30pm.

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