HRG Statement RE: France Tournament

It is with great sadness we must announce that despite a lot of hard work and support from the wonderful people of Herefordshire (and beyond!), we are unable to travel to France to compete in Roller Derby Caen – The Leopard Avengers‘ tournament, Slip It! 2.

This isn’t a decision we’ve taken lightly, and it’s been made with heavy hearts from all of us at HRG. Many of you know we are a small team; we have never bouted with the full 14. Due to injuries and – happily! – pregnancies, our numbers have been reduced further in the last couple of months. We don’t think it’s right to take a very small team and potentially risk more injuries when we have the British Championships ahead of us this season.

We hope you can all understand why we’ve taken the decision we have. The money from our fundraising efforts will not go to waste – we have a lot of traveling ahead of us this season and the money raised will help us fund travel for our skaters and our officials. Travel is a huge cost for us so we hope you appreciate our decision as a team to use the money you helped us to raise in this way.

Although we are disappointed, we see this as a minor setback in our progress. More and more recruits are coming through our noobie programmes, so we are confident our numbers will continue to grow throughout the season. This season is going to be our biggest yet as we compete in the Regional West Division of the British Championships, and we remain hopeful that there will be more opportunities to compete in tournaments in the future. Thank you, as always, for your fantastic support!

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