Golden Bowl III: Windy City Shakes Bay Area, 237-174


CHICAGO, IL–A ‘sparse but passionate crowd’ was there to cheer on Windy City (#13 DNN, 10 WFTDA) to a second win in the final game of the first day of Golden Bowl III, as Bay Area (#3 DNN, 4 WFTDA) looked to make things right after falling to a 181-137 defeat against Denver a couple of hours earlier.

Seven days and five hours after Jackie Daniels got back on skates following a May ankle break, she found herself on the roster to face Bay Area, with Windy City looking to post their second upset win of the day. She didn’t take the track until the second half, but posted some crucial interventions when she did–and saw her team take another upset win, 237-174, in a game dominated by Bay Area penalties.

Within ten seconds of the bout starting BAD found themselves with the best possible start as Varla Vendetta cut her way to the box after a tussle with BAD’s Dolly Rocket.

In jam two, BAD’s Ivy Profane took the star for the first time in anger in 2013 and finished off the power jam, ending with BAD leading 22-0. Ying o’ Fire cut her way to the box on her scoring pass–but Brick cut her way there too seconds later. Ying broke the egg on her return as Brick put up a couple to make it 24-10.

Jam five was called for injury after a high hit on Bay Area’s Chantilly Mace, who returned to the bench under her own steam after a time-out, having put three more on the board. One unfortunate side-effect of that time-out was a back block major also being assessed on Mace from shortly before she went down. That let Varla in for a power jam as Nock Nock sat Mace’s time. Both teams blockers filled the box as Varla reduced the deficit to 27-24.

Nock Nock came out of the box only to have a cut forced on her–and then getting an insubordination penalty as well. Ying made it 44-27 with a 20-0 jam. Killa Nois put up 15 more as she danced through a light and disjointed Bay Area pack–and she called it with Nock Nock standing.

But BAD’s penalties continued to be the main source of their undoing. They sent a succession of blockers and jammers to the box, each one looking less impressed than the last. Windy raced into an 99-33 lead on the back of those penalties before BAD started to pull things together.

Yvette Yourmaker got called out during her first turn with the star for blocking with the head as Bay Area emptied their box with Nock Nock breezing round the track, ably assisted by the unique offensive presence of Dolly Rocket. A 23-0 for Nock Nock versus a rotating pair of Windy blockers took a chunk out of Windy’s lead. Mace got lead and didn’t call it after Yvette returned, even after the Windy jammer hit the pack on her scoring pass … and that decision was vindicated as Yvette picked up a major forearm during her own scoring pass as she fought a 4-2 pack advantage for BAD.

Once that was done, it was 102-76 to Windy. A 4-0 jam for Bricktator kept that momentum going before Killa Nois stopped the rot with a hit-and-quit of her own, courtesy of a succession of huge, sharp hits from Bork Bork Bork in the pack. The momentum swung back to Windy as Mace hit the box on a forearm. Varla continued an increasingly irate duel with Dolly Rocket on the power jam–and Windy took a 121-84 lead into half time.

Varla opened up the second half but lost a 4-0 with Ivy Profane, but Nock Nock was boxed in jam two. Nois put up a 15-0 and Athena Da Crime made it 143-88. Ol’ Drrrty Go-Go forced a cut on Mace next time out, letting Varla and Nois make the lead 156-91 across two jams, with 23 minutes to go.

Killa Nois then spent the better part of two minutes being beaten up by Brawllen Angel as Nock Nock made it 157-113. Mace couldn’t build on that base as she struggled. Bork forced a cut on Bricktator with a last-second hit–but Demanda Riot killed the penalty almost single-handedly as she sat on Varla. That let Brick end up winning the two-minuter, and narrowing the gap again, to 166-127.

Ivy Profane then had a chance on the power jam to close that gap further against Athena DeCrime–but picked up a penalty in a jam that also saw her lose her helmet cover. That paired with another very messy jam left Windy’s lead standing at 179-140 as the bout entered its final ten minutes.

Bay Area were then visibly upset by a lack of cut call on Varla Vendetta, and some blockers were still protesting when Nock Nock was boxed on a cut of her own. Varla made them pay as she made it 203-140 with a 24-0. Athena DeCrime was finishing off the power jam when she got a cut with 7 minutes left as Sargentina and Hoosier Mama headed to the box too. Nock got the better of K-Wow on her power jam to win the jam 15-10–but BAD’s hopes of a comeback suffered a serious setback as the clock passed the five-minute mark when Ivy Profane got a major back block call.

But Ying got a cut trying to dance down the outside on her toestops on her initial pass of the next jam. Jackie Daniels combined with Bork to kill a very large chunk of the penalty time and kept Windy’s lead over 50–but another well-forced cut on Bricktator ended the competitive section of the bout as Windy started to play the waiting game as the clock ticked down.

That left it 231-165 with seconds remaining. A Bay Area time-out forced a final jam–but as with their previous game, the tin lid was put on proceedings by a Bay Area jammer penalty. Nock Nock had got lead before hitting the box, though, forcing the jam to go the full two minutes–and Windy ended up 237-174 winners.

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