Golden Bowl III: Texas Stymies Denver, 227-189


CHICAGO, IL–Sixteen jammer penalties throughout the game dictated scoring and it was a 47-4 power jam assisted run for Texas in the final minutes that decided the bout. Texas finished 227-189 winners, leaving Bay Area (#3 DNN, 4 WFTDA), Texas (#2 DNN, 6 WFTDA) and Denver (#8 DNN, 2 WFTDA) all with 1-2 records on the weekend, very much in the wake of the all-conquering Windy City Rollers (#13 DNN, 10 WFTDA). Denver’s superior performance in their other games meant they finished placed second in the tournament, however–but Texas finished two points above Bay Area to take third.

Julie Adams got a quick lead call in the first jam but was forced to call it scoreless with OJ on her tail. Amanda Sharpless put up Denver’s first points despite a huge take-down by Texas’ Fifi Nomenon.

But Polly Gone and Luce Bandit held Wilhelm and frustrated her into a star pass to Tracy Akers. That jam ended up 19-4 to Texas, with Bloody Mary giving the Texecutioners their first lead of the bout. A botched apex jump for Adams led to a track cut major and Smarty Pants put up ten before cutting her way to the box as well.

That mess of a jam left it 33-11 in Texas’ favour as Adams got one pass in after leaving the box. Jammer musical chairs followed next time out too and Sharpless edged out OJ as blockers from both teams queued for the box. Sharpless got the better of the exceptionally light packs, though, and Texas’ lead was in single digits, at 41-30.

Hauss made it three Texas jammer penalties in three jams with a cut and let Gator Dunn give Denver a 45-41 lead with ten minutes gone. Rebecca Dickie took the star to finish off the power jam–but Barbara Ambush meant she was limited to 5 points despite Hauss being trapped for a lap out of the box. Polly Gone punched holes as Smarty Pants danced down the line, while Ambush held Wilhelm, ably assisted by Luce Bandit. Then Lester was passed the star only to cut her way to the box, and Texas retook the lead.

Rivas, Serelson and Akers burnt time by recycling OJ–but the gap still widened. It was 65-52 at the halfway point of the period. Sharpless cut the lead to 9 before Gator Dunn trailed a skater out-of-bounds after a hit from Fifi Nomenon just before turn one and was sent for a cut on her return. A 4-2, then 4-1, pack advantage for Bloody Mary meant she could score at will, adding 20 points before calling it with Gator still boxed.

Gator had a chance to eat into the gap with a power jam of her own when Smarty Pants hit the box on a back block, and eat into it she did. She burned a little into the lead, adding 10 points as Serelson beat Smarty Pants up on her return. But Ambush forced a cut on Dickie at the front–the eighth jammer penalty in the first 15 jams. Denver blockers queued for the box as OJ lapped up points–she made the lead 122-74 with just under 7 minutes left in the period.

The jammer penalty count climbed to nine when Akers forced a cut on Smarty Pants–but Polly Gone broke Gator in the power jam, and only four points were let go before Gator called it in frustration. Dickie put up seven to close out the power jam. OJ made it 10 when she was boxed on an out-of-play hit as Texas’ blockers took a leaf out of Denver’s book and tried to defend a power jam queuing for the box. Adams put up a 30-0 to close out the half on a high for Denver–but Texas still led 126-115 going into the locker room.

Adams got a 1-0 to open the second period as Shortcut vacated the box to leave things five-on-five for the first time since very early in the first half. But that didn’t last long–Sharpless was boxed on a multiplayer block next time out for power jam 11 of the game.

Smarty Pants ran wrecking ball offence which helped Hauss put up her first 12 points of the bout. Tight control from Akers and Serelson on Bloody Mary gave Sharpless lead out of the box–and then a cut from Bloody gave her a power jam to boot.

Adams put up a 5-0 to make it a two-point game at 141-139. A 4-0 for Dickie put Denver into the lead at 143-141. Quigley and Cruz joined the Serelson-Akers axis of pain to lay the hurt on Sarah Hipel as Sharpless put up a 4-0. Wilhelm then put up 12, her first points of the game, as Bloody was held up. But Wilhelm got a major forearm at the whistles for jammer penalty 13 of the bout. OSJ made the count 14 when she was penalised for a forearm on Serelson on her initial pass. Five unanswered points for Wilhelm made it 164-146 in Denver’s favour with 17 minutes left in the bout.

Adams and Sharpless extended the lead a little across a few high-speed jams before Hauss put up a 14-0 jam over Wilhelm, who struggled with the Texas defence before passing the star to Akers. But Adams responded in kind with a 14-0 of her own as Bloody Mary was held by Barrett and Long.

Lester picked up the fourteenth jammer penalty when Luce Bandit forced a cut as she spun the Denver jammer across the apex. Akers forced the call with some solid defence, and Denver still led 183-176. Hauss put up a 4-0 to polish off the power jam and the lead was a very tenuous 3 points with 7:20 remaining.

A 2-0 for Dickie and a 4-0 for OSJ made it a one-point game at the five minute mark. Adams got a major cut as she was spun into the infield for jammer penalty fifteen. Hauss made it 187-185 before calling it to hand Bloody Mary the rest of the power jam. The sixteenth, and last, jammer penalty of the bout was also assessed on Adams, who committed a track cut after being hit taking off for an apex jump. That meant she could only watch the clock tick into the final two minutes as Bloody Mary made it 207-185.

Adams stood in the box as OJ started with 1:40 on the game clock. Rivas, Serelson and Akers couldn’t hold OJ for long enough in the final jam to give Adams the chance to win it–OJ got lead and made the game safe with another 20 points, leaving Texas 227-189 winners.

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