Golden Bowl III: Bay Area Squashes Texas, 223-153


CHICAGO, IL–Bay Area fell to two defeats on the first day of Golden Bowl III to Denver and Windy City, while Texas also fell in a heart-stopping bout against the hosts. Another high-quality game was played out in front of a very sparse but passionate crowd–but it was BAD who led from rail to rail and took the win, 223-153.

Texas looked to be more together than in their loss to Windy yesterday, but their jamming corps couldn’t handle the strength of the Bay Area packs. BAD’s blockers combined to keep Olivia Shootin’ John and Hauss the Boss slowed while the likes of Demanda Riot, Dolly Rocket and Brawllen Angel repeatedly hit them inside and out.

The bout opened with Nock Nock busting straight through to open BAD’s account with a 9-0. Hauss hit back with a 3-0 next time out–and to the fans’ relief, two jams of a Bay Area bout had passed without a jammer penalty for either team.

Bay Area dominated lead calls in the opening stages as Brawllen Angel, Amanda Jamitinya, Demanda Riot and Sherlock Homeslice shut down a succession of Texas jammers. But a major elbow on Ivy Profane after she’d taken BAD to 30 let first Hauss, then Bloody Mary, cut into the lead. Some big hitting from Hipel helped them make it a three point game with minutes gone.

But OSJ found herself dominated by Demanda Riot, Dolly Rocket and Murderyn Monroe and Nock Nock put up a natural 13-0 as she bullied the Texas blockers, punching her own holes for an easy lead call and two natural grand slams. BAD maintained the dominance for as long as both jammers were on the floor.

An emerging duel between Polly Gone and Nock Nock kept things interesting as BAD edged ahead and held Texas almost scoreless outside of their early power jam, as OSJ and Hauss–as she did in her previous spell on the Texecutioners in 2010–really struggled with the combination of Bay Area’s ferocious hitting and tight speed control. It seemed that if Texas’ jammers weren’t recovering from big hits to the infield or being recycled around the outside by the Bay Area packs, they were stuck in a swarm of black and gold waiting for the next hit.

With ten minutes to go in the first half, a couple of scoring jams for Hauss and Bloody Mary made it 74-39–but Nock Nock took advantage of a low block call on Smarty Pants and loose defence from Texas to stretch that lead to 97-39 with a 25-0 two-minuter.

Fifi Nomenon faced a long jam when Bricktator was boxed a minute into a high-scoring jam–but struggled on her second scoring pass with BAD’s continual smart brutal hitting. That left Texas in a 137-61 hole at the half.

An 18-2 jam for Nock Nock with Hauss trapped continued the pattern of the first half as Texas’ blockers queued for the box. But a cut forced on Mace with a hit across the apex of turn three let OSJ put up Texas’ first big jam since the opening exchanges with a thirty-point run to make it 158-94.

The teams traded single pass jams as Texas finally got control of their penalties and started to give their jammers a little more help. That didn’t have much of an impact on Bay Area’s lead, though, which stood at 167-104 with 18 minutes remaining. OSJ then seized the opportunity presented by some unwise decision-making from Nock Nock that sent her to the box on a cut after misjudging Texas’ recycling. Bloody finished off the power jam and cut the gap to 167-130.

The lead hovered between 40 and 50 over the next few jams as speeds increased and BAD again got something of a hold on regular lead calls before Ivy Profane finally put up a big jam as Hauss again struggled with AJ and Brawwlen Angel. That let BAD switch into full-on offensive clock management mode, and even a back block call on Ivy a few jams later didn’t look like having a substantive impact on the result–a 223-153 Bay Area victory.

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